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Catfish Spoiler

If you decided to read my reaction to this movie before watching it, then it's your loss.

I remember when the trailer played for this movie. I can't find it because I really wanted that to be the introduction to the post that would then link to this page.

I wondered, after seeing the trailer, why it was so vague. I am glad I didn't explore it and managed to forget about it until I happened to see it on one of our movie channels. The girls and I decided to watch it, completely unaware of what it was about.

And let me tell you: that is the coolest way to watch this movie. Any other way and you lost the magic of what this movie does at that critical moment.

I was pretty hooked from the get-go: a photographer captures a photo that inspires an 8 year old girl to paint it. She sends her painting to him, Nev, and a friendship is struck between them. They expand their friendship on Facebook, which then spreads to the little girl's family: her mom, dad, older brother, and older half sister, Meghan.

We follow this documentary of Nev and his developing friendship-into-family with this family. And most of all, the developing relationship between Nev and the beautiful Meghan.

It's sweet and strange. Being in love with someone you have never met. And why they haven't met YET makes the viewer wonder when that time will come.

Nev invites Meghan, and the family, to meet him and his best friends to Colorado, where they will be spending the week to do some work. She doesn't come but the movie continues to document Nev chatting with Meghan and asking her to create a song based on the "Tennessee Stud". Within 20 minutes, she's done and they play it and it's wonderful. A beautiful voice, from a beautiful and multi-talented girl.

However, they soon find out that Tennessee Stud is a song that already exists.

OK. She covered that song they surmise.

But the critical moment is when they find the exact version of the song Meghan just claimed to have wrote and sang. Mouth-dropping, eye-popping, OMG moment. Me and CJ were freaking out. I don't know the last time that a movie has ever thrown my ass for a loop that bad. And what a wonderful feeling it was.

It progresses well and even brings gut-wrenching moments that I had to shut my eyes to if I were watching a scary movie. But the confrontation of the lie is just uncomfortable to see. It's also extremely sick and extremely heart-breaking. Angela tells Nev that she had a lot of hopes and dreams for her life...but the reality is she is a housewife having to take care of two handicap boys (from her husband's previous marriage) and her own daughter, the 8 year old Abby purported to be the art prodigy.

I have since read that there are those who find this movie "set up" vs. being a documentary about the young-girl-that-twists-into-this-sick-fraud. I hope it wasn't. I loved this movie!