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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Six Years by Harlan Coben

This was my first Harlan Coben novel. I had seen many reviews 'raving' about it and, my dad, step-dad and husband are fans of his, so I own nearly every book he's written...except THIS one. I decided to give this one a try after my goodreads book club had it on its list. I missed the start of it but, for the book club, it doesn't really matter.

The book is about a guy who goes to the wedding of 'the love of his life'. They had just broken up and suddenly, she is marrying someone else. Her last words to him is to leave her and her new husband alone. Do not ever contact them. It's over.

So he does.

Six years later, he sees an obituary for the man who married the woman of his dreams. When he attends the funeral, he notices that the widow is not the woman of his dreams, but someone else entirely. And so begins the 'investigation' as to who this woman is, where is Natalie (the woman of his dreams), and why was Todd murdered (he was).

Overall, the story was OK. I wasn't drawn in and anticipating the next moves, like "what the hell is going on???" I didn't get moved in that way. BUT I was pleasantly surprised at Coben's writing style, which was quite enjoyable and very much a style that I've read in other off-the-beaten path novels...not what I would have assumed a national, best-selling, put a book or two out every year kind of author would do. I mean no's just a perception, a stereotype I have. And believe me you, I am NO BOOK SNOB. I will read anything and everything and usually end up having to count on one hand the # of "books you should've read by now" or "books you have to read before you die" lists. But I see so many of his books on the shelves that I just had a pre-conceived notion that he couldn't be witty, light-hearted, and smart (in the way I think of it...not literal).

I enjoyed his Jake Fisher character immensely, and some of the others. The storyline, as I said, was just OK. That part, I think, was just a bit too mainstream for me, especially the ending. Maybe I've read to many fantasy and sci-fi novels, that I want something a little more titillating.