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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Silver Linings and Delusions

The past week has been an OK week, with regards to keeping active. The week of the "snowpocalypse", which was the week before last, I didn't do jack crap. Not a single workout.

The Sunday after the snow, I got ready to go on my run. The hardest part is just getting started but if I try not to think about it and just robotically put my running clothes on, then I'm almost there.

As I waited for my iPhone to charge, I heard the familiar sound that I had received a text message. I checked and it was my buddy Nancy, asking me if I was planning to run. How serendipitous. Whilst I didn't think I would make good company, seeing that I had not ran in a week's time, she decided I would do just fine.

We did an unbelievable six miles at Shelley Lake. And it went by fairly quickly. The pace was still a bit quick for my comfort but it was doable with a partner. I drove home feeling like a queen.

The rest of the week went well: I played my first wallyball (freeplay) game in nearly a year. Most of my friends know that *that* game is my favorite. I've missed it and, feeling out of the game, I found I fell right back into the groove. The following day was recreational volleyball and, again, another day of fun and a good workout.

I got both my runs in - Tuesday with my other friend Melisa (one "S") and Thursday was a solo run before the volleyball game.

Today I was scheduled for a 5K today (thank you Melissa - I'm using her training plan) . Since I am apparently suffering from race fright, I did this one on my own.

Murder Path
I decided I would walk to Lake Lynn and just start the race pace there. I took the murder path and a picture of it. What you can't see, although the picnic table is a close sign, civilization in the name of apartments are on either side of the trees. Of course, they can be seen in the winter. I am always prepared to scream bloody murder so that someone in those apartments will hear me. Whether they actually come and save me is a different story.

Once I got to the lake, I stretched a bit and was on my way. I tried not to start out too fast, thinking about how I can tend to do that in a race...but I did want to have a quicker pace than my normal 11+ minute miles that I do on the long runs.

As I ran their first mile, I was thinking: wow, I should slow down. I must be doing close to 10 mn/miles, or even sub. Once I got to the one mile mark, my RunKeeper app said I was doing 10:56. WHAT? That shit HURTS. I'm breathing fast, my thighs hurt. How can it be just a hair under 11 mn/miles?

Well, that must be because I went slow in the beginning. I've picked up the pace now...the second mile will definitely drop. Mile two: 10:54 mn/mile. OK. This is ridiculous. I was really booking then. WOW. I'm glad I didn't REALLY run a 5K. I was expecting to do 10 mn/miles today.

I know I quickened my pace even more when I felt like I was getting close to my 3.1. I'm thinking: geez - if I'm tired this quickly, how the hell am I going to manage 10 MORE of these miles?

I end with a 10:45 average pace overall. And I was beat. Sweatin' all over the place. I just started walking to cool down and get my heart rate down. Once I found a good spot, I stretched the shit out of my thighs, calves, feet, and hips. That felt good. But I was half a mile away from that was going to be a long walk back.

My overall miles - temp 41:
First: 10:57
Second: 10:47
Third: 10:34

So, at least negative splits. Last week, I ran six miles at 10:54 average, with two walk breaks...but today felt HARD.

Fortunately, I changed my estimated finish time for the race from 1:50 (what the fuck was I thinking?) to 2:15. I told Melisa that I was pretty sure she was signed up for the same 1:50 pace. She didn't believe me until she re-read her emails. Ironically, her original estimated time WAS 2:15...and as she said, she changed it to be like $Bill and I.

My playlist, including the walk to and from the park:
Teeth - Cage the Elephant
Absinthe with Faust - Cradle of Filth
Addicted to Love - Alex & Sierra
Afterlife - Arcade Fire
All I Want for Christmas Is You - Alex & Sierra  *need to remove this one
All You Do Is Talk - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC)
Am I Only - BRMC
Angel with the Scabbed Wings - Marilyn Manson (MM)
Antichrist Superstar - MM
Awful Sound (of Eurydice) - Arcade Fire
Bad Girls - M.I.A.
Beat the Devil's Tattoo - BRMC
The Beautiful People - MM
Berlin - BRMC
Best Song Ever - Alex & Sierra
Bitin' the Bullet - Grouplove
Black Magic - Magic Wands
Black Mud - The Black Keys
Black Skinhead vs. Elephant - Kanye-Tame Impala mash-up

Oh one funny thing: I bought new running pants yesterday. There's a tag that says: hidden key pocket. I couldn't find it. I even had Tim look for it before I ran. No can find. It's that hidden. I finally saw it after I took them britches off.

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