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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

This Happened

After Mimi came to me and Tim about the troubles airing between her and CJ, we asked her to tell CJ to come to us. This is what took place. All of this was in a serious tone.

Tim: Did you pour dog food over your sister's head?
CJ: Yes.
Tim: Why?
CJ: Because I was mad.
Tim: You cannot dole out justice in this house. You need to come to me or mommy if you have a problem. We deliver justice in this house.
Tim: OK. That is all.

Unfortunately, the same conversation didn't take place with Mimi, who sought revenge when CJ returned. We heard something that sounded like buffalo galloping the western range. But all it was was our 10 year old daughter, chasing down CJ, apparently to throw rice on her.

This is one of those things that happen that I would never see coming.

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