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Sunday, June 30, 2013

What We Need to Teach Our Children

With all that's happening recently in the headlines, I thought it was important to relay a recent observation that hasn't been discussed that I think is very important. And maybe this is just "us" - literally - and not everyone else. I don't know since it's not a topic that I see very often, or at all. But it hit me last night, as we all played Uno, that this was something we are not teaching our children...the protocol and art of playing cards.

Seriously, do your kids know how to place a proper solitaire layout? Do they know the rules of the game? Because it's automatic online, so technically, they don't need to know the rules.

We discovered - we being my husband and I - as we played Uno with our daughters, that they didn't know the basic 'rules' of dealing cards. They didn't even know how to *shuffle* cards. My oldest is 15 years old and doesn't know how to shuffle? I felt like a failure as a parent.

My youngest was taking cards from the bottom to deal. WHAT???? It was shocking. And the nonchalant attitudes they displayed. I was nonplussed.

They wouldn't even start with the player to the left when they started dealing. I think my youngest started dealing all seven cards to me originally.  She didn't understand that the person to the left of the dealer was the person who starts the next hand. They shrieked "IT DOESN'T MATTER!" OMG. Really? *IT DOESN'T MATTER?!* It does. You must know basic protocols of dealing cards, how a card game works, and by god, how to shuffle a deck of cards!

They didn't even want to keep score with a game of Uno. They claimed it wasn't fun - it was just: whoever wins, wins. Tim and I caved and played to their rules but when I drew four or drew two, I thought "What's the point? I'm not getting counted against these cards now." I can get caught with two wild cards and still win overall (we at least decided first one to win three games is an overall winner).

Is it just us? Are we failing our kids but you other parents have overcome this, what I assumed, was a national tragedy?