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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Movie Week

While reading and watching TV shows, I managed to squeeze in some movies...especially during my week of depression. And for some reason, during my hell week, I had the craving for romantic movies. Anything and everything I could find that was of the romance genre, I watched. But I watched a few others too. Here's a recap of some of my recent movie endeavors:

Safety Not Guaranteed: This was on my list of movies to watch from 2012, a compilation of movies from Leonard Maltin's Off Hollywood reviews. This made me a Mark Duplass (also on The Mindy Project) fan. He is also a director for quite a few movies.

Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Rec) and Jake Johnson (New Girl) also star in this oddity. Aubrey an intern,  joins Jake, a magazine writer, and another intern to a town in Washington state to do a story on a guy who writes an ad in a paper seeking someone to go back in time with him. 'Bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed.' 

Mark Duplass plays the man who is going back in time and Aubrey pretends to be interested in going back with him, to investigate the man for the article. The relationship that forms is interesting and we also find Jake had ulterior motives for his trip to this town.

Quirky and funny, this movie is definitely the epitome of an indie flick. And Duplass is wonderful.

Jeff Who Lives At Home: Another movie from my list of movies to watch, this one was directed by Mark Duplass and his brother Jay. It was OK but it had some humorous moments with Ed Helms. A bit on the dark side of humor, as it deals with a 30 year old (Jason Segel) who still lives at home with mom (Susan Sarandon) and his not-so-successful married brother (Ed Helms) who splurges a bit despite protests from his wife. It's funny-but-not-so-funny as we see how life plays our for everyone.

Take this Waltz: Another from the 2012 list, this stars Michelle Williams, who I absolutely adore, and Seth Rogen. Seth and Michelle play a married couple but Michelle meets a hunk of a neighbor who falls madly in love with her. She stays loyal to her husband but gives in and separates and hooks up with the neighbor. The deep part of this movie that I found so fascinating is that the grass isn't always greener on the other side, or you don't get everything you ask for. She was deeply in love with Seth - they had a playful, loving relationship. But being with the hunky neighbor was a deep, passionate, sensual love. But no more playfulness. I don't know what the moral of the story was, or if there was meant to be one, but this one was a sad one too.

This Means War: Not at all on my list but on my on-demand channel, I watched this and was entertained by this predictable Hollywood mess. :)  Reese Witherspoon being fought over by two hunky CIA agents. 

The Vow: Another romantic film on-demand. Channing Tatum played a great romantic lead.

Mansfield Park: An oldie I had never seen. It was good. Jane Austen. It was nice to see Jonny Lee Miller (Elementary) in his younger, British days. Also, good to see James Purefoy (serial killer Joe Carroll in The Following).

Celeste and Jesse Forever: On my list. This was really good. I wanted to see this knowing it was written by Rashida Jones (and Will McCormick). Celeste (Jones) and Jesse (Adam Sandberg) are married but separated. They are like best friends but Jesse is not 'grown-up' and looking at a career. Celeste is pretty successful. Jesse finds himself in a situation where he needs to be a grown-up and falls in love with another woman. Celeste finds their relationship growing apart. It's a comedy that also has a dark side, when you find the man you know so well, suddenly becomes someone else...because, well, he's found someone else to spend the rest of his life with.

Like Crazy: On my list. OK. These indie romances are depressing. Two college kids meet, fall in love. She gets deported to England and they have a long-distance relationship. They work on her visa forever. Years. In those years, there are other relationships. Eventually, they get married. Still, no go on getting back to the US. But eventually, they get what they wanted and are together in the US. But they are no longer the same young college kids that fell in love.

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  1. Something Ezra and I watched together (and by "together" I mean "IMing while doing our best to keep our separate Netflix accounts in-sync")and enjoyed a lot was Friends With Kids--incredibly adorable and emotional but super painful in the last third or so.