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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook

I have been wanting to see this movie ever since I first read about it. Despite the fact that Bradley Cooper stars in it, the fact that Jennifer Lawrence was in it was what drew me to this movie. Well, mainly her and also because it dealt with people who had mental issues. I really like flawed characters. And Jennifer Lawrence.

I read a little bit about the movie to know that Jennifer was really good in this one. I was a fan of hers since seeing the mostly unknown but amazing Winter's Bone. Brilliantly, I watched that and named her as *the one* that should be Katniss for The Hunger Games and lo and behold, someone else had the same idea. However, I didn't feel that movie portrayed the story as well as the book and I didn't feel that Lawrence had the same allure as Katniss as she had as Ree in Winter's Bone.

But in Silver Linings Playbook, she did. She was magical. And then some. I absolutely loved her and the movie. And by golly, Bradley Cooper managed to steal the show too. Well, not as much as Lawrence did for me but since he was pretty much the movie, he didn't ruin it for me. But he showed me he's not a one-trick pony (like Clooney) and he can play a crazy guy without overacting.

So, the gist of this movie - I'm not going to give it away - is that Cooper plays a guy who gets released from a mental institution and tries to reconcile with his wife. Along the way, he tries to get his life back together with his dad, played by Robert DeNiro, his mom, and his friends. He meets Jennifer Lawrence, who also is a bit cuckoo, but not mental-institution cuckoo.

It's quirky and a bit on the Hollywood-side, despite the fact that it is playing at The Rialto, which is known for playing mostly off-Hollywood stuff. But Tim and I watched it at a mainstream theater, so it's more mainstream than off but quirky enough to make mainstreamers uncomfortable but make me feel "at home".

Definitely my favorite of the know, day three of 2013. :)

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