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Friday, January 04, 2013

My Best of 2012 List

Here are my best of's for 2012.

Finding my favorite book for 2012 was difficult. I was reading through my book 'reviews' (I need to update the tag...I still don't know what to call them...maybe 'judgement' or something like that) and I really had a great year for finding great books. But I think, despite all of the great ones, I've come to terms with one that comes back to me time and time again. So, drum roll,

My Favorite Book is One Day by David Nicholls. The story of two friends over twenty years, Emma and Dexter, is written captivatingly by Nicholls. Emma's emotions are beautifully written by a *man* and her character still remains with me to this day. Dex too, who came up in my head by a recent novel with a character by the name of Dex.

I watched the movie (afterward) starring the beautiful Anne Hathaway. The movie is great but these movies from books are like being on speed. They just don't capture the moments, the thoughts, the details that 435 pages slowly puts you through, where 108 minutes rushes a viewer through. It's really two different plot lines and "you" miss so so much if you only see the movie.

My Favorite Trip by far would be the trip back to the Philippines. Leaving what was my home for seven straight years - the meaningful years, 2nd grade through 8th - and leaving my family was one of the most life-changing experiences of my life. I dreamed of my "home" throughout my adolescence, missing my family, missing my friends, missing the life I had.

Thirty years later, I was back and it was, as they say...and as I like to say, *literally*, a dream come true. A lot had changed. My childhood home did NOT look the same. The base looked and didn't look the same. My family looked but didn't look the same. But it was a gift to be with them again. It was also, yet again, a life-changing experience to be home, this time with my own family, having them see what was such a foundation of my life. It was wonderful to see my Auntie Cely, the love of my life, who was dying and passed away in August.

My Favorite TV Show I had plans to blog about some of the great new shows I am watching this (now past) 2012 season but my blogging of 2012 was not up to par. I would almost say  say Girls from HBO since I watched it twice. Once, when I was home sick, I went through nearly all ten episodes then I made Tim watch them and we just finished them up. But it's not...after much thinking, my favorite show of 2012...and I have watched a lot of stuff...I *watch* a lot of stuff. It would be better to ask me what I _don't_ watch. My favorite show of 2012 would be Veep.

I bet most of you probably never even heard of this show. If you have, then bravo! to you. You are either an addict like me, who somehow manages to pick up on the TV entertainment notes on the HuffPost on USA Today tidbits that pass by from time-to-time. Or is a big fan of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and/or Tony Hale (of Arrested Development fame). No matter, if you've seen the HBO series, then you have to know that this is one amazing show. If you haven't, then find the series and catch up.

Recently, there was a hashtag for #BestTVLines2012 for twitter. I participated and included some of my favorite shows: New Girl (which had some of the best episodes this season), Girls, and an RT from Homeland. But Veep had the best and I could only get two good ones in. The rest, well, 1) I just couldn't fit them in 140 characters or less and B) CONTEXT. There's just no way to get the context in...the gist of the joke.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Selina Meyer, the Vice President of the U.S. She is pretty much, well, second fiddle to the President and, um, ineffectual but is trying to make a statement of being important in the cabinet. She's always asking her secretary "Did the President call" as she comes into her office.

Her staff is hilarious. And they are very un-PC. Especially Selina. One of the quotes I wanted to add to best TV lines of 2012 is the bit about her staff telling her that her name is one of the hurricane names on the list for next year:

Gary: You're not gonna believe this. Selina is on next years list of hurricanes.
Selina: Ugh, shit! What if it hits and we get a headline saying "Selina causing large scale devastation."
Amy: People won't equate you with a natural disaster, ma'am.
Selina: Really, Amy? Cause I've met some people. Okay, real people. And I gotta tell ya a lot of 'em are fucking idiots.

The few tweets I did get to post, that I felt were in context and funny, are these:

By far, my favorite one

How un-PC is this show? Very. Here is a snippet. This is a great snapshot to Selina Meyer's character, one of the best character's on TV.

This is the trailer for the first season. There's a lot of bleeping, and there's a lot of not-bleeping. This is one show full of cursing. Right up my alley. :)

Season 2 starts in the Spring. TBD.

As far as other favorites, I couldn't settle on a favorite movie or song. Maybe they'll come to me later and then I'll post them. I went through my rolodex of a brain of all the movies I've seen this year, both on DVD and theater but just couldn't come up with one that just made me think Wow! that was the best movie. There were some good ones but nothing that was the Wow! factor. And music, well, I just haven't made the time to think about it either. These were the things that I wanted to write about for now and share.

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