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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

This novel takes place before the Y2K event. Lincoln is O'Neill is hired at The Courier as 'security' to read flagged emails - those emails that contain keywords that indicate that the emails may not be related to business. Lincoln, who works nights and in the basement, so that he doesn't get to know the people that work upstairs who work the dayshift, sends warnings to them about the inappropriate use of business use of email.

But he becomes enamored with the email exchanges between Beth and Jennifer and this becomes one of the main subjects of the book: emails between Beth and Jennifer and Lincoln's life.

What we know about Beth and Jennifer we learn only through their emails. Beth is a movie reviewer for The Courier and living with Chris, a lead guitar player for a local band called Sacajawea. They've been together for seven years and Chris apparently is 'to die for'. Beth loves him. Jennifer does not.

Jennifer is happily married and thinks she's pregnant but is not. But discovers that her husband is not as happy as she is when she discovers the latest pregnancy scare is not as silly as she thought...that he does indeed want to have children. Is she ready?

Lincoln loves these two women and does nothing to warn them of their flagrant violations of company policies. In fact, he looks forward to finding their emails in the violation folders every night, to catch up on their lives. He knows it's wrong but he can't help it. His own life is sad, in his mind. He keeps pining for his high school girlfriend, who dumped him after they left their hometown for college. He has no friends, except older people he plays Dungeons & Dragons with. He hooked up with an old high school friend but he found a girlfriend so he's become the third wheel. Oh, and BTW, did he mention, he still lives with his mom?

***Spoiler Alerts***
Lincoln eventually becomes attracted to Beth. He hasn't seen or met her but he loves her humor in her emails, and her sensitivity. He thinks her boyfriend is crap no to realize how amazing she is. He doesn't want to cross the line -- to see what she actually looks like because, well, then it might be over for him. He might actually fall in love with her and well, that would be creepy.

As he reads her emails to Jennifer, he discovers that she has developed a crush for a guy at work..."My Cute Guy". Over time, he finds out that the cute guy is him. He even reads how she actually tries to follow him home one day. But she still loves Chris so he's torn.

But he decides to change his life and starts going to the gym, starts mingling with other people in the office. And well, it's just a really interesting story. I rather enjoyed it. The end seems to come by kind of quick. About 60% of the novel is pretty dark, which I liked a lot. The characters are good, the writing is good. Lincoln is very dark and I rather enjoyed the protagonist of this novel.  Definitely recommend this one for a, ironically, 'light' read.

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  1. I loved it all -- the premise, the characters, the throwback to 1999...fantastic, fun read. I liked it so much I read it twice :)