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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Strange Stories and Amazing Facts

There's nothing more fun than making fun of people. But even more so is making fun of myself. This blog, of course, is to be as narcissistic as possible, which, ironically, makes me cringe in real life. But I can "hide" behind the words and write out all my feelings and be as bold as I want to be. It's my blog and I pay for the domain, dammit.

So, to combine the 'make-fun-of-myself', be narcissistic, and provide some strange stories & amazing facts, here are some more 'things you didn't know about me' items I want to add about myself.

* I ruminate like nobody's business. I have been adding these items to post about in my head for weeks. How I remember them, I have no clue but my brain does not stop thinking and over-thinking. I've mentioned before how I count (there's quite a few posts about my counting). Just for the record, my number of late is "four"...meaning, I count in "fours".  I was recently asked "What is it that you ruminate the most about?" And I couldn't come up with an answer so I just said "me". But that really isn't true because it is all over the map and I think I just think about the most obscure things: what I'm going to blog about next (then I never do), the book I'm reading, what I'm going to make for dinner, what I plan to do at work, how I'm going to handle something at work, when am I going to get my laundry done, what's on my DVR (this makes me excited), my recent conversations, my games, recent emails, time to count my steps, what am I doing over the weekend, what's going on in the news, it. is. endless. My brain does not stop.

I think it calms down when I watch TV, read a book, or when I do yoga. I'm surprised that yoga can actually turn my brain off but it does. Running does not. I am constantly thinking about something while I run, if I'm not counting. I guess sleeping makes me calm down but then I dream...does that count?

* I alphabetize my spices. I recently learned that this is not normal. I truly thought everyone did this and am still reeling from the fact that the person who asked me this is not psychic.  My friends say they actually sort theirs by frequently used and have offered me to sort theirs alphabetically. They laughed but I am literally excited about the prospect. I had my books in our family room sorted alphabetically by author until MiMi decided to resort them alphabetically by title. Interesting...I'm not sure if she has my same alphabetical disorder.

* I chew my jello, milkshake, smoothie, ice cream, and mashed potatoes.  I never noticed this until my Uncle Don (which he will never remember) pointed it out years ago, when I was a teen. I was staying over at his house with my cousin, and at the dinner table, he asked me: are you chewing your jello (or whatever it was)? And I remember being stunned by his comment...and I was like Yeah? But internally, I thought "I am...why am i?  But I can't help it and I still do it to this day.

* Not only do I literally cross at crosswalks, I walk almost in right angles. Sometimes I wonder if I am on the asperger's spectrum. I say that not to be funny but because I think I have some tendencies, emotionally and because I am such a literal person. But I do have _some_ emotions :) and I also realize what I am doing, so that's why I think I'm on it just an iota. But I have to cross on the crosswalk...although if I'm with a group, I can jaywalk but, as mentioned in the first bullet, I'll ruminate about how wrong it is and are they doing this because they think *I* don't want to cross on the crosswalk? Anyway, if alone, I will walk on the sidewalk, whether they are in straight lines or not. But if crossing roads, I cross almost as close to 90 degrees as possible. BTW, I drive that way too. I cannot stand people who turn at 45-65 degrees because, you know, you're actually turning into *my* lane. But they do it all the time.

(And yes, I loved trigonometry.)

* I am an introvert by nature. Most people would not believe me but this is true. At work, I am very gregarious. In high school, I was described as a wallflower, which really upset me because, in high school, that's the last thing a girl wants to be called. Of course NOW, I could care less, but as a teen, I was trying to find my way to social butterfly.

Last week, I read this article about the Nine Signs of Being an Introvert. I don't even have to have validation because I know I am but I read it anyway just to see if *they* were right. And for the most part, they are. Let's see: I go to parties/socials and once I get there, I want to leave. TRUE. Fortunately, Tim feels the same way. :) But there are just a select few friends that I am comfortable with where this does not apply. But for the most part, I'm ready to flee. I like to be with my family, at home.

I can be very social, at work, or at parties, anywhere. This is the only child in me, the ruminator, the empathizer/sympathizer, the nomad.  I was always the new person at the school, or the runt of the litter. And since I am the crusader, no matter if I was the runt, I stood by the person that no one cared to stand by. So I look around a crowd and make sure to make someone feel at home. I have no problem sitting down with someone and striking up a conversation, when what I prefer to do is sit at home, or in a corner, or if at a conference, be at my hotel room by myself, just reading.  But I feel a sense of duty to make others feel welcomed, not alone, at peace, wanted. It's all that ruminating...

And for introverts, it's exhausting. So I end up being more tired from being social and that takes away from my favorite release, blogging. In a way, blogging is 'socializing' and by the time I get home, I just don't want to do anymore.

In that list from the Huffington Post, the phone is one of the items that is the bane of an introvert. I already mentioned in my Twelve Things post how much I hated the phone.

* I do at least one crossword puzzle a day. I have a very specific brand I like to do, which is by Kappa puzzles. Dell is too easy. And no, I'm no brainiac because I don't like them too hard. But they have to be hard enough for me to figure out and learn. I need a challenge and I need them to be something that I can figure out. But there's an art to crossword puzzles and they have clues that are common to all of them. I have had a blog post on my crossword puzzle obsession stewing in my brain *for years* because, well, I've been doing a puzzle a day for many, many years.

I enjoy other puzzles. An occasional sudoku is enjoyable but once in a blue moon. They tend to drive me bonkers because they make me think *a lot*. I enjoy cryptopuzzles immensely but they are hard to find and usually, you have to buy a dell puzzle book and I generally don't want to invest in an entire puzzle book just to get to my cryptopuzzles. But I feel like I missed my calling when I do I could have worked for the government as a cryptographer. Logic puzzles are also fun. When I was a kid, I used to laminate logic problems (with scotch tape) so that I could do them over and over.

* I hate diamonds and the way women have pissing contests over who has the biggest diamond engagement ring. Seriously, I don't have the gene in my genetic makeup so I literally (and when I use the word literally, I literally mean literally...I don't use the word as slang) do not understand the hoopla over these jewels and why anyone has a fascination over them. When my friends get engaged and show me their ring, I am very happy for their engagement and I feign appreciation for their bauble but inside I am thinking "great, another one who likes these things". I would really love to find a kindred spirit. No, it's not the blood diamond but I tell you what, when I heard this in Bill Maher's routine, it made me happy because I could have another more legitimate reason to hate these stupid, superficial things more.

I can't help but think that women don't really like these but society makes them believe they are supposed to like these. So it's all very stepford-wives-like. But then again, it may just be me thinking that because I'm missing the genetic material that all other women have that diamonds are a girls best friend. But I cringe when I hear about hollywood's next movie star getting engaged and having an 8 karat diamond on her finger because, not only do I hate them, but I think the bigger they are, the gaudier.

Oh there's so much more weirdness for me to discuss but I'll stop here and let you all enjoy these for now.

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