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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

You Prayed for This

For the religious right, you can take the election results - these in particular: recreational marijuana legalized in two states, same sex marriage approved in three states, a binder full of women (thank you Michael Moore for that line) elected into Congress, including the openly gay Tammy Baldwin, in one of three ways:
1. God does not exist.
2. Your prayers were answered.
3. Your fanaticisms have pissed the rest of us off.

Let me explain.

God Does Not Exist
You prayed and prayed for anyone but Obama. But Obama won? Hmmm...

Your Prayers Were Answered
You prayed and prayed for god to provide guidance. Obama won. Same sex marriage passed. A gay woman was elected. Todd Akin, Tom Smith, and Richard Mourdock - ousted. A record number of women - voted IN.

I said to Tim this morning: well, 'they' (the religious folk) should feel that god answered their prayers. "No, no, no. It doesn't work that way. It's the prayer that they WANT answered." Hmmm... I didn't think a god was supposed to work like that.

Your Just Pissing The Rest of Us Off
You all want so much to do good things. At least you SAY that but, IMO, you don't really DO that. If you DID, you would DO more for immigrants, for gays, for women, for all religions, or NON-religions (like atheists and agnostics), for the poor. Your constant barrage of moans and groans against gays, gay marriage, abortion, immigration, women's rights to choose, and human rights to choose to believe in a god, several gods or no god, is just beyond irritating. It's fucked up. I won't use the word condescending because it has no effect on _me_ anymore other than being as irritating as a mosquito. But you affect other people who aren't so "over" it as I am and THAT's what pisses me off. Leave your shit out of the rest of our lives.

So, there you have it. Pick one.


  1. I admire your bravery in posting your thoughts on this. These are issues where many people have no wiggle room (for their own, baked in reasons). People get emotional about this stuff. Of course, I happen to agree with you 110% but I'm not brave enough (or interesting enough) to have a blog :) SO. GLAD. YOU. DO!!!