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Sunday, October 07, 2012

That's Life

It's been awhile, I know. I don't like being away from my blog.

As I've written before, my brain is constantly "on". This means my mind is writing my posts all the time. But finding the time, correction, _making_ the time to blog about those mind-writing-posts is not so easy.

As I have learned over the years,  I think that a summer break will bring me a break from the hectic-ness of the school year. That doesn't happen. I often think that the summer break is busier than the school year...until the school year begins.  That's when I realize how easy the summer break was.

On top of it all, work has been a bit crazy so time is crucial all around. And when I do get a moment of free time, the last thing I want to do is touch a computer.  Except for "Cindy's BFF", which is my iPhone's name. :)

REGARDLESS, I'm alive and barely pulling through.

I get CJ and MiMi to their orthodontist appointments. Leaving work early, despite the massive amount of work I have left to do, or the VIP meetings I have right before leaving to 1) endure traffic; 2) pick up whatever child I'm to get at school; 3) managing traffic and then 4) getting to the doctor *on-time*. Yeah. That rarely happens but I manage to get in there within five minutes.

I get MiMi to swim practice. This goes on three times a week but, as Tim kindly reminded me which eased *so much* of my anxiety, we only need to attend twice a week.

Swim practice starts at 5:30 in downtown Raleigh. Not too far, about 7.2 miles away (guess that's not an 'about'). But it's at "5:30", which is quitting time: more traffic. And because it's downtown, there's more traffic lights to contend with. So I HAVE to leave at 5 but, yeah, I'm not good with being on time.

This also requires me having the discipline of leaving my busy job at a responsible enough time to: 1) deal with crazy traffic in order to 2) pick up MiMi at after-school at a decent time so that 3) she can get home and comfortably take time to unwind, then put her swimsuit on so that we can then 4) leave by 5PM to get to the pool by 5:30.

While, so far, we only have to do this once during the work week (the other practice is on a Saturday), I want to do this three times a week because I think she needs the discipline and I really, really like this program and see such immediate potential for her with one extra day a week. But I digress...

We eat dinner! Well, Tim and I can get cooked meals on the table. Yes. Even on these hectic days of doc appointments, swim practice, picking CJ up at the her after-school programs, we still cook meals and enjoy dinner together. We may not get CJ to tell us about her low C, maybe even a D, in her Geometry class (we found out the hard way...the Sunday we had to sign her interim reports before the Monday it was to be turned in), we still manage to put it all together.

Am I bragging? FUCK YEAH. The stress, the anxiety that I go through, is all worth it. I feel like superwoman. I work hard - at work - and I love it. I work hard - at home - and I love it. And I can do it. It's not easy. And I may not always look, or sound like, I'm enjoying it. But I am.

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