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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Unicorns and the GOP

This was originally posted on Facebook but I have a few non-Facebook readers and I surely didn't want to deny them my fury. :) This is one of two posts I did against the idiot GOPers. I'm sure there will be more because they just can't help themselves with their stupidity.

It all started with this article from Bill Maher:  My New Rule for Todd Akin and the Republican Party.


There is a god and his name is bill. That's why my gmail account is :) Here are some great quotes I am pulling out of this article:

"Here's the only thing you need to know about Todd Akin and human anatomy: he's an asshole. What I want to talk about is how it's not a coincidence that the party of fundamentalism is also the party of fantasy. When I say religion is a mental illness, this is what I mean: it corrodes your mental faculties to the point where you can believe in tiny ninja warriors who hide in vaginas and lie in wait for bad people's sperm."

Can I hear an AMEN?

"Republicans are united in their fervent desire to reduce the deficit, but they want to do it in some magical fashion that doesn't involve raising taxes or cutting any spending.


Or as it's known on Capitol Hill, supply-side economics. Remember that magic beans theory? That you actually bring in more revenue by bringing in less? Ronald Reagan believed it. But at least back in the '80's it was new. The thing is, we tried it, and it doesn't work. Yet, Paul Ryan, who every shit-for-brains pundit in America keeps telling us is a "serious" guy, still believes in the supply-side theory. All the Republicans do. They all believe in something that both science and history have shown to be pure fantasy. The symbol for their party shouldn't be an elephant -- it should be a unicorn."

A UNICORN. Yes. I love it.

"Republicans are for all the popular things, like covering people with pre-existing conditions, but they're not for the part where you pay for it, like the mandate. Just like they were for our recent wars, but not for paying for them. For the prescription drug bill, but not for paying for it."

"How do they get away with it? They know that, because we're already such a religious country, our minds are primed for magical, fantasy thinking. The gullibility comes factory-installed."

"If rape babies throw a monkey wrench into the whole right-to-life pitch, just make believe rape babies don't exist. If you want to cut down on teen pregnancy, just tell curious kids with raging hormones to practice abstinence. Until they get married. Because everyone knows, that's when the fucking never stops. Health care? Not a problem if you just keep repeating, "We have the greatest health care in the world." Even though the U.N. ranks it 37th."

Last but not least:

"Republicans also believe if they kick all the Mexicans out of the country, the strawberries will pick themselves, and that if they cut the safety net all the poor blacks are "resting" in, they will fall gently to the ground, stand up, dust themselves off, and get good-paying jobs as Olympic gymnasts."

Ignorance, stupidity and fanaticism is not bliss.


  1. "tiny ninja warriors who hide in vaginas" bwah hah hah!!! Thank you for sharing with your non-FB friend (is there more than just me?). I appreciate it! :)

  2. No, my friend $Bill is not on FB either. But funny, I got more FB friends commenting on this after I posted THIS on FB (I post all my blog posts on FB) than I did when I commented on the article. :)