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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Woman He Loved Before by Dorothy Koomson

*** Spoilers Below ***

This was another chick-lit novel set in Britain. I must've grabbed a few recommendations from Goodreads because I'm not sure how I got all of these on my 'to-read' list.

This one was about Libby meeting Jack. Libby, like many main female characters in chick-lit novels, doesn't tolerate much: she earns her own money, she's humble, she doesn't like rich, snooty men and of course, this is a sure way to turn on the rich, snooty man...AKA Jack.

The problem? Jack was married Eve. The love of his life before she died. He's been a widow for over three years and lived a wild, non-female-commitment life, grieving for the loss of the only woman he's even loved...until Libby came into the picture.

But how can he convince Libby of this? They marry but Libby is not sure, after an auto accident and Jack calls to her but accidentally calls her Eve. She simply can't believe he can love her as much as he loved Eve and feels the only answer is to leave Jack. But she finds Eve's diaries...diaries from when she was 16 years old onward. And so the book turns into another story, the story of Eve and Jack.

It was a very interesting turn in a novel: a story about one man with two different women, two different stories, and two different romances. They were great stories but, in the end, the overall effect left me feeling flat. I didn't enjoy it, despite getting through the book fairly quickly.

There was too many "I'm too afraid to tell he/she this" when the things to be telling were things that SHOULD be told and, IMO, in every day reality, would have been told in a heartbeat. There was too much hmmming and hawing and a lot of melodrama and just a storyline that was just a hair too unbelievable. Yes, most of these border on unbelievable but you have a fine line to walk on that makes it unbelievable but you balance it to allow the leader to actually _believe_ it could happen. This just didn't make it that way for me.

I didn't love the characters. I didn't hate the ones I should've hated. The romance was just at the beginning, when Jack pursued Libby and that lasted about a few pages and then they were almost married. I need more than that.

Well, on to the next one!

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