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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Run the World (Girls)!

I saw this article on my friend Julie's timeline and it just pissed me off.

Not so much that, yet again, I learn more shit about how fucked up religion is making our nation, our politics, but how someone in the midst of reporting these pundits is seeing/learning more than the average jane (moi and toi) and *she* is fatigued. As I say below, I'm not there yet. I'm just PISSED OFF. SICK. And just OUTRAGED that there are still WOMEN who are out there LIKING Paul Ryan (on Facebook). WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with these people?

I had to move a slew of my FB friends to my restricted group. Family and people I play games with were not included. Sorry. But feel free to do that to me. I won't be offended. I mainly did it because I know what I post and I know it's offensive to them/you (if you are even reading this). What you do when you LIKE Mitt Romney is not so offensive. It's disappointing. But when you LIKE Paul Ryan? That's offensive. Because he's a fuck up and supports everything I abhor about religious fanatics who can't understand that there are other religious and non-religious people that exist in this world that don't believe in their god and making their rules according to their beliefs is 100% WRONG.

Anyway, this is the second of my posts I commented on, on FB that I'm reposting on my blog.

The article I pulled quotes from is titled Rape Fatigue and You: When There's No Anger Left by Erin Gloria Ryan. I suggest you read the articles that she links in the "here", "here", "here". They are quite shocking.

I'm not there yet but my!, women out there - aren't you just sick of these men making decisions for you? I am just DUMBFOUNDED that any woman can support the GOP and these individuals. I never thought of myself as a feminazi but  maybe it's time to proudly wear that badge.

Now, to pull out some quotes:

"Along with scores of other women, I watched, agape, when Congressman Darrell Issa hosted a panel on birth control featuring all religious men whining about how allowing women to purchase birth control with their health care plans violated the men's religious freedom."

"And when Virginia lawmakers pushing for mandatory transvaginal ultrasound laws were quoted saying, basically, that pregnant women had already been penetrated vaginally once, so it makes perfect sense for the state to require they be penetrated again, I winced so hard I think I strained something."

"Remember the time when Terry England of Georgia justified his support of a bill that would force women pregnant with nonviable fetuses to carry them to term with the fact that he was a farmer and sometimes livestock delivered stillborn baby farm animals and it was very, very sad?"

Is that not the most horrible things you could read about women coming from men of official ranks? How the hell do these assholes get elected?

And the worst part is this:
"Rep. Todd Akin still leads Claire McCaskill in the polls by a point and refuses to drop out of the race. Voters — millions and millions of them — will still cast their ballots for people like Akin and Iowa Rep. Steve King this election, even though they've made it their business to deregulate the hell out of banks and regulate the shit out of women."

Because I didn't include the bit about Steve King, here's what you need to know about this ignorant MFer:
"...Iowa Rep. Steve King backed Akin up, telling another local news outlet that he'd never heard of a child getting pregnant from statutory rape or incest."

Oh, and he sponsored a bill to make English the official US language (as in, removing language interpreters, etc.) because ""The argument that diversity is our strength has really never been backed up by logic," King told The Huffington Post." Sigh.

I love this writer's analogy:
"This story and the garbage avalanche that has followed feels like stepping outside of my apartment one morning and realizing that I had traveled through time to 1955. Or 1200. I feel like a teacher who just gave a long division test only to discover that most of her students don't know how to subtract."

The last line especially because that's how I see it too. Seemingly intelligent people who became seemingly STUPID at biblical proportions. There is NO EXCUSE for that kind of behavior. 

"As President Obama said earlier this week, "Rape is rape." Seems like a pretty simple concept that a human being possessing a basic level of empathy should understand. But so many people don't."

And the best paragraph of all:
"Akin, King, and the rest of the GOP that supported a WIRE HANGERS ALWAYS! constitutional amendment aren't simply destructive assholes — they're actively harmful, ill-intentioned. Evil. And before you condemn me for being overdramatic and premenstrual for choosing the word "evil" to describe guys who wear suits and America flag pins, consider what that word means — profoundly immoral and malevolent. People who truly believe that rape cannot lead to pregnancy because of *~uTeRuS mAgIc~* or that women who become pregnant under any circumstances must stay pregnant are using information that they know to be wrong in order to promote laws that cause bodily harm, physical punishment, and distress to women. Doesn't get much eviler than that without getting weapons and uniforms involved."

You got that? In the name of your f'ing god, you all are the very opposite and doing the opposite, with your head full of ego that you are doing so great for mankind (not womankind). You are the worst of the worst. You are evil and it's a shame that you have so many biblethumpers out there who are following your evil ways. 

There is no God, whether you believe in one or not, that abides what you folks are doing to this world.


  1. I found this site today that's essentially the Onion except just about conservative Christians. It's kind of beautiful.

  2. I read what you wrote but when I got there, I almost shit a brick when I saw the article that Rage Against the Machine guitarist was supporting Paul Ryan. It took me a few seconds more to read your comment, read the site a bit more, read your comment, read the site, to figure out what the gist of the site was. It looks like, reading through the comments, others were having the same brain fart I was having. I think I'm going to enjoy this site. :)

    1. It definitely took me awhile to figure it out, too.
      I was sitting here going "Dear God I'm so offended...but...this is so ridiculous. They should just let me write for them. I can do this." and then my friend told me it was satire, and it all made sense.