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Friday, August 03, 2012

I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

My friend Ann mentioned this book while we were having our irregular book lunches. It sounded so fun, and I have enjoyed the Sophie Kinsella books I've read thus far, so I decided to see if it was available before my trip to Canada.  As luck would have it, it was.

I finished it in a day.  Which is kind of funny, as I joked with my other friend Melisa, in an FB photo I sent out: "As if I'll read five books in six days?" Well, so far, two books in two days.

Kinsella has done it again. I tried reading my blog reviews of Remember Me? and Twenties Girl. While I can remember Twenties Girl, I have very little recollection of Remember Me? (haha). And what a shitty review because I wrote NOTHING to clue me in. I am so glad I write spoiler reviews now; it's the only way for me to recap a story. What's the point in writing anything about a book you've read if you can't recap the book? I tried finding spoiler reviews and I can only find tidbits which had me remembering a little bit, which made me think: interesting premise. I might have to read that one! (again)

Back to this one. SO MUCH FUN! I loved it. I groaned out loud at some of Poppy Wyatt's mishaps. OMG. I covered my eyes with the book, with Tim looking over asking me "Are you about to cry?" "Yes, out of humiliation!!"

There was less swooning over the romance in this one but more just laugh out loud moments at this cute character Poppy. I loved it; loved her. There were so many cringe-worthy moments - I was so impressed that Kinsella could write such stuff to make ME feel that way.

The story is about Poppy Wyatt, who is engaged to Magnus Tavish. She loses her engagement ring, a family heirloom, at a hotel. She is frantic and gives her cell number to everyone around her. As she leaves the hotel, trying to figure out how she's going to explain the loss of such an important ring to the Tavish family, her cell is stolen by a passing bicyclist.

She returns to the hotel, trying to figure out how to fix her mess when she sees a phone in the trash can (bin - another british novelist :)). She takes it and goes by some weird philosophy about if it's in the bin, it's yours.

It ends up it was a Personal Assistant's (PA) who ended up with another job and just tossed it into the bin. Poppy is contacted by PA's boss, Sam, to return the phone but she has already contacted everyone and their brother about this new phone number, in hopes of getting the precious heirloom back. She beg's Sam to let her keep the phone for a few more days, until the ring is found, and she will forward all the text messages and emails that the PA would normally get. He begrudgingly accepts.

Poppy, of course, reads these messages and ends up finding emotions behind them and wants to reply on behalf of Sam, or advise Sam, who is curt and very business-like. On top of that, she has to deal with her impending marriage to Magnus, who's family are an entire clan of academics, which makes Poppy feel inferior. A game of scrabble? Hilarious. Wanda's (Magnus's mother) birthday present - an OMG moment. If you are a fan of Kinsella, or would like to try some fun chick-lit, this is one to try.

As I said in my stupid, empty, vacant review of Remember Me? "If this is fluff, girly stuff, I AM IN!"  The only thing worthy I got out of that post.

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  1. I'm SO glad you loved it! Don't worrry about your reviews of Twenties Girl or Remember Me. I think those were Kinsella's weakest books. This one was one of her best!