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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Another Day in Paradise

I wasn't sure how I'd feel after coming in so late, and so fricking tired, from the night before.

Not only that, it was a ruckus outside of our hotel room. The downside of being in a good location is that all the other people from the concert are here too -- and they bring their obnoxiously loud selves to their rooms, with no regard to the folks around them.

This reminded me soooo much of the company prom we used to have. We often grabbed a room and these assholes would bring the shit to their rooms. LOUD, OBNOXIOUS, and DRUNK as hell. We would call security because, hey, our party was done and the room was to get some sleep.

The thing is: these folks from the company prom were in the 30s, 40s, maybe in their 50s? They had no excuse to behave like dipshits. The kids around us were probably just 18-25, if that. The legal drinking age in Canada is 18, so I'm guessing there's a lot of border crossing from the U.S. to have their party on. I'm not _defending_ their behavior. I'm just saying, their teeny-tiny brains ain't fully developed and they are just plain dumb. Those older people are assholes.

Anyway, the cool thing about our hotel was security didn't take their shit. They came a knockin' with one fair warning: "if we have to come back, you're out of here". I can now understand where these hotels, or homes, don't rent to people under the age of 25 or in groups. It's this obnoxious, drunken behavior that they don't want to rent to.  This would be a scene that would continue through the weekend, with various rooms (unfortunately). At one point, I thought someone was getting murdered it was so loud - like furniture, or bodies, being thrown across the room.

But as I woke up that Saturday morning and we headed out for breakfast and another tour of the city, I felt better than I expected. My calves and feet and thighs were sore but not enough that it would stop me from seeing more of Montreal.

We stopped at the corner cafe and had our breakfast. The staff, again, SO NICE. The waitress politely told us to keep our phones away from the sidewalk-side of outdoor seating arrangement, since it's known that people walk by and help themselves to other people's belongings.

I enjoyed just my eggs and my Americano but Tim had a beautiful chocolate crepe. Crepes seems to be a very popular item in the area.

It was another beautiful day - sunny and bright and not so hot (now). I made sure not to dress for winter this time. We walked around the area - meaning to go back to Promenades Cathedrale, to see the underground shops.

The buildings are just magnificent everywhere you look. I can see why it is reminiscent of Europe because the architecture is similar. I was trying to think where in our country we had buildings so old and gothic and beautiful?

Before we headed there, we stopped by this church we passed earlier.

The priest (? - he was dressed like one but stated they were a Methodist church) stopped by and spoke to us and gave us the history of the church. I have since forgotten but I loved how he gave us the history and was humbled by the fact that this church was not one of the more beautiful one's the city had to offer.
We made our donation and headed to the underground city or part of it.

It was pretty cool. It reminded me of areas of the trains in Amsterdam, or even some nicer airports. It could pass for any mall but it did feel different.

We hit a few stores. I tried to find a black bra that would push my boobs up because, what we have noticed here is that: black bras and white shirts are definitely THE thing to wear. And every woman seems to have bouncy boobs. There are no silicone ladies out here (well, I'm sure there are but they are not the majority). Tim asked me "how do you get yours to do that?" To which I replied, "I'll need a lot more fat in mine." Or some help from Victoria's Secret. Doesn't matter. I couldn't find one. But wait until you see me at work and I'll be bouncing around in my black bra and white shirt. You'll be like: Are you from Canada or something?

I mentioned in a previous post the bike sharing system they have. Here is a picture of one of the many we passed. It is definitely a biker's place. I would've wrote paradise but I'm not sure it is or isn't. Bike lanes, bikes everywhere, people biking all the time, no ignorant cars honking at bikers because they (car owners) think they own the roads. I guess it is a biker's paradise? There are adverts for biking tours everywhere and Tim said there were over 350km (217.48 miles) of biking paths in Montreal alone.

We head back home for a rest before it's back to Osheaga. I think about how we should've just booked A concert (singular). This musical festival shit is for the young. Endurance test? Bah! This is hard work, physically but more mentally. We have a very long night ahead of us. Snoop Dogg doesn't begin until 9:15PM and we will be heading out to see Young the Giant at 4:30. There might've been someone to see before that...I can't remember now but I just remember the dread of going back. Sad, isn't it?

We're back in the afternoon and it is now extremely hot. The sun is just blazing. It is, of course, PACKED in all the shady areas but we find comfort behind the port-a-johns.

To the right of this picture is a wooded area, so it's not so bad as it seems. The wooded area is packed with people. I watch a few light up. I don't think it's pot but whatever. It's all what I would imagine Woodstock might've been like.

Tim is not in it for getting into the crowds and CJ is now spoiled: she has tasted front of house standing and she will take nothing less. That leaves me to go with her to worm our way through the crowds and find something close. This means having to go early (we have the routine down now) and listening to the band beforehand.

With the two stages, one plays on one stage and when that band finishes, the band on the second stage promptly begins. I have to say, this was organized wonderfully. Until Snoop Dogg, all bands started and ended on time. And if you didn't have a front row view of the band, the big, ginormous screens took care of that - they were the best views of the house.

We had a great view of Young the Giant. Later, we would see pictures of the crowd that were there for them and it was INCREDIBLE. I can't believe I was in that crowd. I knew it had to be pretty big because I would see the faces of each band member just look out into us in awe. People off the side of the stage would also look out and just be like "Holy shit". When YtG took their instagram pic of us (I follow them so I knew this would come up), I made sure to find something to help me find us when I saw it on IG. But once I saw the pic, I realized there would be no way.

This is my view of the crowd from within the crowd. It doesn't look that bad. These are the people behind me.

The guy in the forefront is soaked. It was sooo hot. But that's not why he's soaked. They would hose us down with water so we all got pretty soaked. It felt great. The two girls in front of me and CJ didn't like it at all and would crouch to the ground. I ended up warning them every time it came towards us but really, crouching towards the ground couldn't stop them from getting soaked. The hose would just SET on us and the water would just stream down. WE. WERE. SOAKED.

Here is the picture from Young the Giant from Instagram.

After their set, we head back to where we left Tim and MiMi. They reorient themselves to another area, away from the port-a-johns (but not too far) and now, sit behind the big OSHEAGA sign (like HOLLYWOOD in CA). This is a shot of our view from one of the letters (I have no idea which).

We sit for awhile before Tim says we could leave and eat somewhere for lunch before coming back for Snoop Dogg. We take the tram and get off at the first stop. I _think_ we are in a more non-touristy area because it seems to be more French but, what do I know? I'm a tourist!

The area is decked out for what, I don't know but it's kitschy.

We head back to the concert but I forgot, we head back to see Feist. But we abandon her quickly to go to the stage where Snoop Dogg will be. We get a prime spot and we have a looong time (this, before we know when he actually makes an appearance) before he appears.

During this long wait, we observe a young american girl make a big fool out of herself. Apparently, she thinks she knows how to score pot and walks up to several people trying to buy marijuana. She says it in some weird I'm-trying-to-speak-English-in-a-way-you-foreigners-might-understand accent. I can't help but watch her the rest of the evening. She flirts with a guy to loan her a lighter. How can you show up and buy pot without a lighter? She already had one joint; wasn't sure why she felt she needed more. 

She also knew all the rap songs - Eminem, Jay-Z and sang them with such flourish that the other girls in front of us would roll their eyes. Not because she (the American "cutie-pie") was something to be jealous of, but because she and her two other friends would sway and bump into everyone as they did their rap song impersonations.
Twice she would kiss her friend...her gal pal friend. It wasn't because she was gay. That was obvious in the way she was hitting on the hot guy in front of her who may or may not have been some famous college hockey player. I don't know but he showed a picture of himself (that's not vain) playing and then I overheard him say his friend was that means he was not?

Anyway, this made her eyes light up despite the fact that he kept eyeing his buddy next to him like "who is this flake?" but he didn't seem entirely turned off either. So the kissing of the girl was more for a show. I enjoyed it. :)

We waited and waited and waited. Over the past two days and how ever many shows we have stood at, I have learned not to learn people pass in front of you...because they stop. So I had told CJ earlier not to do that. If they want to pass, they can go behind us.

So after hours of standing there, some guy came by and asked CJ if he could pass. I was caught off guard and before I could intervene, CJ shook her head No and just threw the guy off. NO? He asks in amazement. He then asks the two girls (not the American one) next to her if he could pass and they, too, said no. I was amazed. I was flabbergasted that CJ had the balls to do that. She never turned to me for help; she just flat out said no.

So then he came towards me and asked and of course, I said no. Not but ten minutes later, some guy with the biggest zoom lens (he's making up for something) came by and asked if he could get by me). I ignored him. The first guy then said "You'll get nowhere with them" and goes on and on and starts complaining about "us". The man with the small-penis-but-big-lens gets in on the action and starts on about "us".

I should've just remained quiet but I didn't. I turned and asked "What are you even trying to do?" He said something about trying to take three pictures and then he would be done. I then remind him that he has a big lens and he says something about all these people are in his way. Again, I remind him that he's taller THAN ME and maybe he complains more but the first guy is now getting back at me. He's asking me who the hell I think I am 'manning' the crowd. Who am I to block him from moving in front.

I tell him that I'd been standing there all day (I wasn't) and that I'm not about to let someone else pass in front of me and that I thought he was rude to think he could just do that. Oh my god. He was just pissed. He complained and yelled and bitched. Finally, he reached awkwardly between CJ and I and poked a girl in front of us...she turned and he was like THEY WON'T LET ME THROUGH!!! And I look at this beautiful girl and I ask "Oh, is he with you?" and she's like oh yeah! he is. So I turn to him and say "Well, why didn't you just say so?" and 'open the gate" and let him through.
OMG again. This just incensed him more and he complains to his friend how insane that was. She actually agreed and was like "It is rude - you can't just walk around people like that!" HOW AM I RUDE? WHO IS SHE TO NOT ALLOW ME TO PASS? He makes a good point but it's just good manners, IMO. And I wan't letting him pass _by me_. He could have gone around to the people next to me and pass through them.
Anyway, this hippie chick next to us, who is really plastered, starts telling us "please, don't fight. it' snoop dogg! let's be happy and enjoy the show!" It was quite funny.
So now, really-pissed-off-guy-I-wouldn't-let-pass is standing right in front of me, continuing to complain about me. I'm over it. I wasn't really pissed in the first place. I'm still in awe of CJ for stopping him in the first place. But I don't like that he's so upset because, as hippie chick says, enjoy the show and how can he enjoy it if he's so wrapped in anger?
I don't think I'll be able to console him but I give it a try: i put my hand on his shoulder, he turns and I say "I apologize" and he then says "No, I'm sorry. Really. I am soooo sorry." and he give me a hug where my whole face ends up in his neck. Too bad he wasn't hot; I would've enjoyed that. :)
So we talk a bit more. He doesn't even know who Snoop Dogg is! But the whole irony of this is that he apologizes to me again and leaves. He doesn't even stick around for the concert.

Snoop Dogg was supposed to start at 9:15. He didn't come on stage until almost 10PM. I hedged my bet that he was a no-show but he definitely showed up. He wasn't the best and there was *a lot* of pot smoking (both on and off the stage) but I was glad to have seen him up close.

He kept asking us to sing his songs. I figured he forgot his own lyrics over the years.

There was no Snoop Lion stuff. So don't bother telling me he's renamed himself. This was all Snoop Dogg.

As CJ and I walk back to meet up with Tim and MiMi to head back to the hotel, I tell CJ: forget health class and their movies on drugs, huh? She said that all they need to do is take a field trip to a concert. She has seen people smoking like crazy and with little American Pie, try to score. Am I afraid that this is a bad influence? No. She's seen people pass out. In fact, little Miss American Pie got very, very quiet after smoking all that pot. She kept playing with her hair bun too and looking at her friends for reassurance. I know that feeling: paranoia and that no-turning-back feeling.

CJ will have to make her own decisions about this but so far, she isn't impressed and complained about how her lungs felt ripped from the pot and cigarette smoke. But hiding from all of this isn't going to make her NOT want to do it. That all comes with the people (and not her parents) who will influence her in high school, and hopefully, everything else that has influenced her up until now.

We made it back. Exhausted yet again. And we still have one more day of concerts to go.

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