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Sunday, July 01, 2012

The Walking Dead

I was excited about watching this show when it debuted. CJ and I were pretty stoked and the first episode was pretty cool: a sheriff's deputy is stepping over dead bodies and a young child - a girl - limps up towards him and he turns and shoots her dead.


Well, she was a zombie, silly! The zombie apocalypse has hit the US of A, well, at least as far as sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes is concerned. Actually, he doesn't know what the fuck has happened, being that he's just 'woken' from a coma and found everyone dead, gone, or walking and trying to eat him.

Sound familiar? Yeah. 28 Days Later. One of my favorites movies. I couldn't shake the similarities watching it during the first season. Just a tad bit of a turn off. And after the first few episodes, the amazing make-up job, the pretty good gore, of zombies was wearing thin. I ended up finishing the season by myself; CJ losing interest and me not really finding myself getting attached to any of the characters.

I didn't remove it from my selection of recordings and allowed season 2 to record. It queued up. I wasn't hell bent on watching them. I remembered my co-worker express astonishment when I stated that I was losing interest in the show. "But it's so awesome!" His sentiment stayed with me and I thought I'll give it another chance.

I'm glad I did. Season 2 sold me and not only was it one of the best character development seasons (reminds me a lot of how Six Feet Under developed...more character development, less about the overall 'funeral' story), it was one of the best story developments. This is less about zombies and more about these characters lives, personalities, and their interactions. Um...don't let me fool you, it *is* about zombies. A lot of them. And sometimes, they can come up and scare the shit out of you. But there such a MAJOR part of the story-line that they aren't really the major part. Does that make any sense?

It's genius. We have the 'crazy' guy, Shane, who, in my perception, is really just this guy who is trying to protect the pack and thinks he's one of the few that has the knowledge to do it. He was Rick's best friend and also fellow officer, who witnessed Rick get shot and end up in the hospital in the coma, before the zombie outbreak. He reluctantly left his BFF in the hospital but kept him as safe as he could...but in the end thought he left him for dead. With that thought, he took the role of 'Rick' and became Rick's wife's lover and father-figure to his son. Once Rick found his way into the pack, he backed off but couldn't shake the 'love' he felt for the son and wife...or the image he had of being father/husband/protector. It's an amazing character to put together and it's hard to hate him, no matter how fucked up he can be.

Season 2 ended up in two parts, with the 'last' half episode ending in November...with a very cool ending. I won't give it away but it rocked. I didn't think it could get any better and then the second half started in February with, what they titled "Nebraska". It starts off where November's episode left off.

I am a sucker for gun draws, ala Old West style. It just gets my adrenaline. And this one ended with one of those. It was a nice surprise. And to go with this great gun draw was Regulator by Clutch. I love Clutch. It's not your everyday old-style rock by a newish rock band band. I don't like old rock. But I like Clutch making old rock new. And this is one of my favorite ways of putting music to an episode.

Season 3 doesn't start until October. But AMC, which is the network in which The Walking Dead is aired, is preparing viewers for it in July. July 7th and 8th they will be airing all episodes for seasons 1 and 2. It looks like if you're on Dish Network, however, you're SOL. Dish has dropped AMC. Wow. That sucks. I'd drop Dish ASAP if that happened to me.

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