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Saturday, July 07, 2012

SPoD - A Shower and Clams

I tackled my first venture at making clam chowder. MiMi loves clam chowder and I had planned on making her real clam chowder for some time but lost my recipe card (it *had* to be that one) and then I just kept putting it off. I decided this week would be the week I would actually do it. I thought I'd be able to do it during the time I had off but we ended up being too busy for me to actually do it so today ended up being the day.

It actually was not too time intensive, nor was it tedious to make. It was quite easy and it turned out UH-MAZE-ING. I didn't have any clams NOT open so I had a 100% success rate with my clams the first time out. This was not our dinner for the evening; we had something else but I wanted to make it today to have for later in the week (we have something else planned for tomorrow too).

Getting started: onions, chardonnay, littlenecks and clam juice:

Well hello there!

Red potatoes, chopped onions, and celery:

Final result, after simmering with the chopped clams, milk, half-n-half:

While I was being Julia Childs, Tim was working in CJ's bathroom, working to finish her shower in her bathroom. She's had her bathroom but not the shower. But we will soon need to rework the only bathroom with a shower, which will be MiMi's bathroom, because it's just in need of a remodel too. We have no master bathroom; we converted our 'master' bathroom to CJ's bathroom but the shower was in disrepair and just left undone.

So Tim's working on that, to have one shower available to demolish the other shower to redo that one. Eventually, MiMi's bedroom will become our master bathroom. After our trip to Canada, she will move into the spare bedroom, and eventually, the bathroom we are all using now will become her bathroom. It all sounds complicated but WE KNOW what the plan is and that's all that matters. :)

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