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Monday, June 18, 2012

SPoD - Monday, June 18th

I'm playing catch up. For reference, I'm posting this on July 2nd. The date will eventually change (the post date) and will end up being in chronological order. I can only use the memory of the pictures to help document in text.

First, there was swim practice. That's Chandler in her ECU shirt. And that's MiMi, under the spring board, with her goggles on, looking at me. Morning practice is usually very sparse in attendance. Not because it's morning but because we have year-round school, so not all kids have the summer off.

The other momentous occasion for me was getting not just two monitors for my mac but having my macbook hooked up and getting *three* monitors!

I was so happy I was happy-slapping the systems guy, who slyly surprised me with this setup.

For months, with my mac, I had only one monitor and the laptop to set up my dual monitor set up. The laptop monitor is superior but being able see it at the size of the 21" that I have in monitor size would have been nicer. I also can raise the monitor up and down and I don't have the same luxury with the laptop.

But at the time that I got the macbook, it wasn't 'allowed' to have two stand alone monitors and it was just the week before that my man was able to put those together.

As an FYI, my company is a PC-dominated company and is not fully equipped to function with a Mac-only system. But my pc laptop was blue screening for over two years, with me going through four hard drives and finding myself going to a fifth, when my manager suggested I go to a mac. How could I not turn her down? We are a mac-only household! And now, I can be mac-only entirely?

Well, not entirely. Did I mention my company is not unglued to the PC? To windows? I have no PC but have a virtual machine to a windows machine so I can access about a handful of things that work only on a windows machine; two of those things work *only on IE*. Imagine that?

Anyway. I was in seventh heaven. Still am. Now, if I can really understand Spaces and Mission Control, I could be really set.

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