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Sunday, June 24, 2012

SPoD - Mexican Night

CJ had been craving the 'mexican place by Crabtree' for the past week and we promised her we would take her there. But our weekend ended up being the party weekend with us going out Friday night with Sam and Joe, then the Luau on Saturday. We told her that it would have to be Sunday for her Mexican Food Fest, since she guilt us into saying it was her birthday dinner...being that we were at MiMi's swim meet for her birthday.

The restaurant is called La Rancherita and it's one of our other favorite mexican places to go to. It's not like the other Speedy Gonzales places - the food is actually tasty. And it's slightly cheaper than Dos Taquitos but has some of its own unique dishes too. The service is fast, efficient and always nice. I love the staff except I have to be careful using my extremely limited spanish because they end up with conversational spanish and then I'm lost.

CJ is my picky eater but eating here, or making her tacos, makes me happy because SHE is happy. She gobbles down taco after taco after taco (like three to four). Isn't that grand??? :)

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  1. There used to be another La Rancherita over by our old house. We could walk over there and did so probably once a week! We would plop Elise in the stroller and go over there for dinner all the time. Loved it! (and I've been to theone by Crabtree too... yum!) At some point after we moved, another Mexican restaurant took over that location, and it is AWFUL! I'm so glad we had La Rancherita for as long as we lived there.