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Saturday, June 23, 2012

SPoD - Luau

Saturday wasn't full of activity for us after our Friday Fun. I actually didn't feel that too hung over (surprisingly) but I still didn't feel great from the neck/head pain I had been suffering from for several weeks.

I felt well enough to do some clean up but I didn't feel like going to the neighborhood Luau that we had signed up for several weeks before. We usually don't do these social events but we decided we needed to be more social at our pool FOR THE SAKE OF OUR CHILDREN. Mainly for MiMi, who is our little swimmer and seemed to be following our footsteps: show up for practice, swim, leave. Show up for swim meet, hang out with us, swim her heat, come back to us, swim her next heat, come back to us, then go home. No socializing with her teammates. We thought if we socialized, we would meet other families with kids on the swim team, which would help her socialize more. It's sort of working. Baby steps...

But I noticed that there would be over 150 people signed up to attend our luau and, well, that's a lot of people and I don't do so well with so many people. But, we paid for it already and it would be our dinner...and the girls were excited about us getting out of the house for the evening. Plus, we could just go, show up, eat, mingle, and get back home. We didn't have to drink -- god knows I did NOT want to drink. And I did look forward to seeing the few people I had already met at the last social I attended at our pool.

Success! Tim and I met a new couple, who seemed pretty darn cool. We spent the evening chatting with them, talking about how we make our kids do chores, how she (Cindy) runs too and how her husband used to run a lot. They lived on a road that we made two offers on homes (but were outbid).

The food was great: southern barbecue. Not really typical luau food but hey, we're in the south and southern barbecue at a luau seems appropriate here. The decor was nice and if there were over 100 people, they came well after we left as we stayed only about an hour or so. We just weren't in the party mood but enough to mingle, socialize, enjoy some hula dancing, food and the decor.

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