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Friday, June 22, 2012

SPoD - Friday Fun

Friday didn't start out so fun.

Unbeknownst to me, an accident caused a major traffic jam on the way into work. Normally, this would not bother me as I can just coast in. But NOOOOO. I had to have shitty traffic karma hit me and have this asshole nearly hit me as he pulled into my lane WHILE I WAS IN IT.

I just gaped in exasperation. But I contained my road rage (I am a recovering road rager; I have my own coins that I have accumulated in my head...I have had ugly's a horrible disease). But containing it was hard when an elitist fuck took the shoulder to pass all of us stuck in the four lanes of traffic and passed us. That really took the cake BUT I MANAGED TO CONTAIN MYSELF.

I had to...look away. Not look in any of my mirrors for other assholes pulling the same stunt because, well, I would have just stroked out. I just need to keep my eye and focus on my own and get to my destination...and know that the day ahead was going to be FUN.

"We" had a 'field trip' planned to the Art Museum to see the El Anatsui exhibit. We have field trips every so many months to see exhibits, or something that can inspire and/or influence us in our own jobs. It's a wonderful benefit as well as a great way to socialize with your co-workers. This particular exhibit (can you fricking believe I didn't take a single picture? i have no idea where my head was. I guess dealing with the road rage resistance was just too much for me) was amazing to me. I absolutely was so moved by it. My favorite were these wooden pestles, all with these faces, standing with each other. I thought they were interesting and when the host told us what the name of the work was, I just fell in love: Group Photo.

That evening we had a date night with our friends Joe and Sam. We planned an evening of 'sophisticated' bar hopping. We started at Sitti, starting with their Sitti Tasting (YUMM!). We hung out there for a couple drinks each before we headed to The Oxford. There, we shared a bottle of Cabernet (Tim enjoyed his bourbon) and lots of conversation. The place started getting fuller and younger, and the bottle emptied so we headed next door to Sono for our last stop.

It was there that things get a bit fuzzy for me. I know we ate but what I don't know. I know I drank something and I remember talking but I don't know what. Age catches up with some of us and well, I never seemed to have a problem recalling my evenings with drink but this would be the first that this would happen to me. But I was there, as I have a picture to prove it. :)

We shared a taxi to our respective homes. I remember parts of that. :) Apparently, MiMi gave me a massage as she demanded payment the next day.

It was fun. It's been a long time since Tim and I have been out, let alone been out with other adults. And I didn't end up with an ugly hangover the next day...but I certainly didn't have the energy to go out and party again...even though we did.

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