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Sunday, July 01, 2012

SPoD - Day of Rest

Sunday was not completely a day of rest. It was my day to complete some tasks off my To Do list, like 'Finish laundry', 'Clean the bathroom', 'Clean the bedroom' and menu planning for the week.

With the exception of laundry, _then_ there was the day of rest. It was just too hot to hang out outside and do anything. Tim was nice enough to get dinner supplies and cook dinner.

I enjoyed reading my book. The twins enjoyed snuggling with me. 

This is Ricky with his head on my chest. The picture above is his ear and it took a lot of odd acrobatics to get my camera at an angle where I could get his head in the picture and my face out of the camera's way.  Ricky ALWAYS has to be in your face. Literally. And I mean that word literally. I'm just not using it for emphasis. He is annoying because he has to have your full attention by being *right in your face*. Lucy, on the other hand, is fine being at your feet or WAY AWAY from you. Like a cat.

CJ decided to prepare her decorations for our pool's cupcake contest, during its 4th of July event. 

She made this icing - on Tim's list of grocery supplies - and created these decorations, all on her own, freestyle. The top, red shapes are crabs. Below that are shells. And the bottom, with the green stripes are beach towels.

The theme for the cupcake contest is aquatic life. She's drawn out the concept and already described what these cupcakes will look like. Amazing. My little cupcake chef! And cookie, muffin, cake, etc.

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  1. Cupcake contest???? How do I get invited to that??? :)