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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

SPoD - CJ Turns 14

Tim and I took June 19th off, the day CJ turned 14.

Wow. Fourteen. She's excited. We are stunned.

How did this happen? I can look at pictures of her throughout the years before she turned 14, especially the ones 0 through 12 and sense it as though it were just 'the other day'.

But lo and behold, here we are, with a bona fide, full fledged teenager on our hands. And she's beautiful. Moody but beautiful.

Unfortunately, her birthday ended up on a Tuesday, which meant, despite Tim and I taking off - and she and MiMi being out of school for the summer - we had a swim meet to attend that evening, so we were limited to celebrating during the time between wake-up and 5:15, when we had to show up for the swim meet.

And actually, we had to show up for morning swim practice, which surprisingly, she also joined us for.

After swim practice, it was off to Cameron Village for breakfast at The Flying Biscuit.

CJ picked a movie to watch: Rock of Ages. I can hardly believe it but after an unbearable first 15 minutes to the movie, I ended up enjoying it. Tom Cruise was actually *perfect* for the role because it was hammy, just like he is. And I *do not* like Tom Cruise. But I liked the move a lot; very enjoyable and most importantly, CJ loved it and said she actually liked Tom Cruise, and Russell Brand, better because of it. We are pretty upset with Russell because of the whole Katy Perry thing.

After the movie, it was a stop at a grocery store to pick up some cupcakes for CJ's birthday cake treat. We had to hurry up and get this done, including Tim and I getting our gift ready to give, before we headed to the swim meet.

Our gift to CJ this year were tickets to Osheaga in Montreal. Her favorite band, and the love of her life Andrew VanWyngarden, MGMT will be playing there, along with 100s of other bands (maybe not 100s but close enough), including many of her other faves: The Black Keys, Florence & the Machine, Franz Ferdinand, Passion Pit, and tons of others.

Next was the swim meet. Gawd almighty. The pool club we went to was small. Not the pool but the area around the pool. Pile on the people and it was claustrophobic. Thank goodness there were no emergencies or any need for evacuations because I guarantee there would have been little children that would have been trampled. I just believe these goody-two shoe parents are really a bunch of George Costanzas deep down inside.

MiMi had a hard time trying to be a positive sports girl. She continually was down on herself, despite placing second in two of her strokes. We're working on that though.

The good news is that we made it out of that maddening confined and crowded place alive. CJ saved her mom (me) that evening - a moment I won't forget. And we all spent the day together - a normally innocuous Tuesday for most folks...but for us, that day Tim and I would just stare at this big, tall, sometimes sophisticated, sometimes gangly & girly, 14 year old that just so happened to be our baby.

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