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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SPoD - A Beautiful Day, A Mattress, and A Swim Meet (June 26)

This was a beautiful day. And this is a picture of my view as I walk into my building from the parking lot. Not bad, eh?

Tim got me started with my fascination with vehicles and mattresses. I can't always snap a shot but I see one nearly every other day. Truly. Vehicles that you would never think should be toting a mattress across town, are.

I got lucky and was able to capture this one, with more than just a mattress. He just couldn't stop with a mattress. He got the whole kit-and-caboodle. Except the box springs.

Tuesdays are swim meet times and this day, we were at Springdale, which is infamous for having bees. Last year, MiMi got bit not once, but TWICE. During MOR (Marlins of Raleigh) in May (swim stroke clinic to get ready for summer swim team), Tim complained about Springdale to the swim coach and one of the parents was like "that's our pool!" Oops. I'd find a different pool.


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