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Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Picture of the Day (SPoD) - Cruel Summer?

Not really. But the idea of getting up and doing swim practice at 8AM as part of your summer may sound cruel to some folks. What about sleeping in until noon?

For a parent, well, that's OK. It's nice to get the kids up and active that early. Making that a reality, of course, is not so easy. This is actually day two of 8AM practices for MiMi and we managed to get there in time. I listened to the other parents proclaim how they woke their kids up at five to eight to get their kids to swim practice. Again, swim practice is at 8AM. What is impressive is that they manage to get there in relatively quick time for getting up at 7:55.

Today was a treat when they practiced their relay races. MiMi was the anchor for the two relays they did. The first one, she did freestyle, which is her strongest stroke. She nailed it and I could hear all the kids yelling her name to GO GO GO. And she did and they "won".

The second time, I freaked because she did the breaststroke (I originally thought it was the butterfly) and this is one of her weaker strokes and, while her team was ahead, I thought she was going to lose their lead. But nope, she kept the lead and won the relay for her team again. While this was just practice, this was a great ego boost for her and I was so happy for her. She really needs this as she tends to be very introverted at our pool, and especially, during the swim meets. But now, the boys on the team are high fiving with her and yelling her name out, so this makes me very happy for _her_ because I want to see her mingle more with other kids. Not just with me. And not just with CJ.

But just when you thought one practice wasn't enough...comes two.

Practice number two is at 5:30. So I start my day at the pool from 8-9, then head to work. Then I come back and go back to the pool from 5:30 to whenever, since MiMi likes to play with her friends after practice.

Although today also included a stop at the orthodontist for a new wire and new colored rubberbands for MiMi, so that was an _extra_ stop.

Anyway, after morning practice, RAIN. It has been raining all day and on the way home to take MiMi to 5:30 practice, it rained hard. We kept anticipating a cancellation but it never happened. So the picture to the right shows MiMi freestyling in the rain. That's her arm up, in the middle of the pool.

It also became really cool and when these kids get out of the pool, it's cold. I heard some of the teens, who practice after MiMi's age group, complain that the water is much warmer than sitting outside of the pool. These kids are just amazing because they don't complain. They are at the right age where they just go through the motions: jump in, breaststroke, backstroke, freestyles, over and over and over for an entire hour. No complaints.

The older kids? They were around me, under the canopy, continually complaining and whining. When MiMi was done with practice? She wanted to play. In the pouring rain. It was until the rain got so hard that the lifeguards blew the whistle to get the kids out and close the pool that she finally got out.

Then it was my turn to whine as MiMi and I ran back to the car and the bottom of my sweatpants got drenched in the puddles of water from the downpour. I hate getting my pants drenched.

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