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Saturday, June 16, 2012

SPoD - Saturday Camping

I couldn't post Saturday's Summer Pictures of the Day because we were at an electronic-free event. Even though I had my iPhone with me, it was merely a camera device and I used it only for that. I did not peek at my Facebook, Twitter, or email accounts. Glad I'm not into reading on my iPad because I can't NOT read so I was good to go with my novel.

CJ was *so* excited about camping. She and Tim did this camping thing last year. My work rec center did this last year. I signed them up because last year, it was for 12 and up and I am not the camping type. But they convinced me to go camping at Pilot Mountain last year, which turned out fine.

So when I saw that there was another opportunity to camp at work, I signed us all up. This time there was no age limit, which helped to get us all involved.

The girls were excited but one no more than CJ. She carried the tent out to the exact spot that she and Tim camped out last year.  She also helped him get it set up. Without being told.

All week she was telling us how excited she was about it. The last couple of days, when I was ailing with this neck/head pain, she kept asking me "You're still going, right?" which made me feel good that she was still concerned that I would be there. I wasn't going to miss it for the world, odd ailments or not. I was going to camp with my daughter (and the rest of the gang). But it's odd to have a nearly 14 year old girl be excited to do anything with her family and I wasn't going to miss _that_ opportunity.

BTW, the background building in the picture on the right is the building I work in. Don't I work in such pretty grounds? You just don't know the half of it, if you haven't been lucky enough to see it.

Tent set up was quick and easy. Tim bought us a new tent. It was taller and wider. The other one, apparently, took some time for them to set up last year. We didn't have much of a problem setting it up at Pilot Mountain but it's a tight squeeze for the four of us. Well, when you put Tim's blow-up bed in there, it definitely becomes a tight squeeze.

We couldn't ask for a better day, weather-wise. Sunny, breezy and cool. Is it really June? Leigh coordinates these camp outs and her husband and dad were there to help, along with her young son. I felt such warmth in my soul that her dad came up to help. He came around everyone to make sure they were OK with their tent set ups. He also was the grill master, and just an all-around support guy. Man. I'm just swelling up thinking about what a great thing to do for your daughter. And of course, Sunday is Father's Day. Whose gift is it? His or hers? Probably his. :)

Our first activity was geocaching. We had to geocache with another family, which we initially were disappointed in doing. We did geocaching at work before and, unfortunately, there aren't enough GPS devices per family to do these, well, per family. And I think I mentioned before, I don't play well with others. I mean, I do because I _can_ pretend to be nice. I *am* nice. I just prefer to do things on our own. But we ended up with a decent family with well-behaved kids, who were BOYS. How can boys be well-behaved? And especially boys from a family from my work? Because we breed people that are, well, assholes. Spoiled assholes. Elitist, spoiled assholes. But today, we did not have that and the GPS was shared and we had a fine time. I made a new friend too.

Leigh filled the day with a ton of activities. We were creating our napkins - painting them with fabric paint. We used permanent markers to decorate our baskets for our food baskets. The girls also made crowns for Tim, a change thingy, an apron, a card, all for Tim for Father's Day. We also played volleyball and met new people, who happened to be new to Raleigh and to the company.

Dinner was yummy. First was veggie burgers and MiMi wasn't the only vegetarian there. There were quite a few vegetarian children who weren't from traditional vegetarian families (but there was one family). So. We aren't the only ones. MiMi LOVED her veggie burger and exclaimed it tasted like a real burger, which was the first time I heard her refer to anything resembling a statement that sounded like she 'missed' the taste of a burger.

The spread was great: Leigh had grilled fresh green beans, grilled onions as fixings for our variety of grilled chicken sausages (for the non-vegetarians), grilled fresh mushrooms, and a variety of potato salads. Wow.

I had a grilled garlic and mozzarella chicken sausage, with fresh raw onions and mustard, with red potato salad, grilled green beans and mushrooms. OMG. THAT was soooo good. I couldn't go back for seconds, or I would have. With these 'migraines' or whatever it is I truly have, the appetite is not so strong but I was pretty hungry for this...but I normally would have gone back to try at least one more chicken sausage. There were three varieties available.

Our stewardship duties was to help with snack, which was s'mores. CJ and I were responsible for packaging them: half a hershey bar, on top of half a graham cracker, top with a marshmallow, then top with the other half of the graham cracker, wrap it in foil, and ta-da! Leigh and her dad pop it on the grill and cook it for the campers.

CJ took her duty serious and barked at anyone, including adults, who reached over and tried to make their own. We managed to get everyone their s'mores, including our own, which were delightful with the nice hot chocolate that someone else made for us.

Sleepy time came at last. Of course, I read after we had our share of ghost stories. Tim and I would later discover that sleeping backs are in order. Regular blankets just don't cut it.


  1. That sounds like it was a lot of fun! I remember reading the blurb about it in the newsletter, but didn't think much more about it. Maybe we'll try it next year!

    1. Definitely give it a try. It's on-site, so it's the most easiest, securest way to camp. SO much fun. The kids had a blast. They also had glow sticks that Leigh provided, which seemed like a huge hit. The kids just mix together and seemed to enjoy themselves. A great way to commune with nature.