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Monday, June 25, 2012

SPoD - Monday, Monday

So I'm pretty behind on my Summer Photos of the Day but I'll backtrack and catch up on those. In the mean time, I'll start with today and try not to get too far behind (again).

The start of a new week brings the same routines:

First, morning swim practice (8AM). This works out well for me. I can drive MiMi to the pool, sit and read (today's novel is The Last Letter from Your Lover - WONDERFUL book), drop her back at home after practice then head on to work.

Monday morning means 10AM department meeting, so I head to the building that my meeting is held. This is not where my office is in, so I'm literally mobile. I run into a few friends and catch up with them, which puts me right on time for my meeting.

Knowing that the rest of my day will be frantic, I bow out of my scheduled run, which makes me sad. I don't like to miss my workouts but I realize that there is no way I can make it all work after really assessing my schedule. Unfortunately, it was the right decision.

I get a lot of work done before I leave for the day, and head over to pick up a bag of fresh farm goodies from my friend Elizabeth's office. As usual, I find myself running 'five minutes' behind. CJ has a 3PM orthodontics appointment that I need to get her to and it's 2:20 by the time I leave work and I have to drive through Cary, get to my house in Raleigh (~10 miles away but a good 20 minutes with traffic lights), then drive across town to the ortho office.

Thankfully, and without speeding (I don't speed), I make it to the orthodontics office and I'm only five minutes late. I told you, I'm always five minutes behind! I got lucky that traffic is pretty light around 2:55 and I just so happened to have the traffic light gods in my favor.

Afterward, CJ asks for a smoothie and I can't resist. The girls have been home all day and it can't be fun getting wires put in your mouth, tightened and all that stuff. So I head to McDonald's and get them a couple of smoothies. After this, I hit the grocery store to grab the last few ingredients I need to get dinner ready, with my farm fresh veggies from Elizabeth.

"Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!"

Finally, home sweet home. I think "It's only 3:50, maybe I can get a nap in before the afternoon swim practice." But I realize that really can't happen since I still have a few more things to do before I turn around and head back out to the pool.

First, I get my taters ready to roast for later, when I make dinner. I followed Ina Garten's recipe for Rosemary Roasted Potatoes. Purrrfect - my own rosemary too.

I had just enough time to do that, plus water my plants, then we had to head out -- five minutes behind. This is why I used to set my clock five minutes ahead but my kids set my clock to the exact time...

So we're back at the pool for 5:30 practice at 5:35. I get to read more of my fabulous novel. This book will be done fairly quickly. I can't wait because I have Gone waiting right next to my bedside and I have three more requested from other libraries that I hope will be coming VERY SOON.

MiMi finishes and plays about 15 minutes more with her friends then we head home where I start roasting potatoes, boiling green beans (for five minutes to saute later), then pounding chicken breasts for lemon chicken. After barely an hour, dinner is served and we have a fabulous meal. I can hardly believe I have the energy to type all this stuff up now but I do. The coffee helps. As well as the satisfaction that another day has been put behind me that I managed to get everything done. And only five minutes behind.

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