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Saturday, June 30, 2012

SPoD - Interactive Pizzas

Saturday was a trip to the library. I've been on a reading frenzy and have been averaging two books every two weeks. I've been very lucky to have found excellent books to read so it's been easy to breeze through them. It helps to have swim practice time to read too. :)

This time I took the girls. Last weekend they didn't volunteer to join me. While I didn't force them to go, it was strongly encouraged and the note I left for them the day before seemed to help.

MiMi picked up some books on Canada (more on that in another post...*I hope*) and I was pleased to see that CJ picked up two thick novels.

I picked up three books off my goodreads "to read" list. Most of them were not available at the Leesville library but #17 The Handbook for Lighting Strike Survivors: A Novel, #29 The Tower, The Zoo, and The Tortoise and #34 Me and You were there. You have no idea what great restraint it takes for me to limit it to just three books. But the idea of having overdue books stresses me out. And it's more like a strategy for me: read these within a two week period and turn around and get two to three more and start over.

This, of course does not include the one book I have requested through interlibrary loan: #55 You Don't Have to Say You Love Me is on request from another library. I actually requested three books but the other two were turned down. So #54 The Woman He Loved Before and #5 Me Before You are on order from Amazon. Plus, I'm waiting for Tim to finish #8 Before I Go To Sleep.

Am I obsessed with reading? You betcha.

Before our trip to the library, we had stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond (Every time I think of that store, I remember Last Comic Standing and Jay London saying: "I work at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I work in the Beyond department."). I picked up a pizza stone for our planned evening of "interactive pizzas" at my BFF's house.

Earlier in the week, Tim had asked me to ask my friend Sam(antha) if he could look at her bathroom. Strange request you may think but we've seen her bathroom before...after she had some major remodeling done. And Tim is doing a similar job now and wanted to look at her tile job for his own work. So my brilliant friend decided to have us come over for dinner, to give him the opportunity to look at the tile.

Sam has a 'stepson', so I had the girls grab a couple of movies for them to watch while we were over there. We've been over there before and, weirdly, the three of them just sit together and say nothing to one another. The entire evening. I cannot relate. Even as an only, lonely child, I could manage to strike up a conversation with someone. I gave stern advice: Talk to him. Strike up a conversation. He is a boy and you are two pretty girls. He will be more nervous and awkward. Plus, this is more of what me and your dad have been trying to teach you about life skills: socializing. You don't have to be best friends - just _talk_.

Before we left, we set up our video camera to try to catch Brenna the dog in action. We haven't crated her because Tim thinks it's cruel to leave her crated in the basement, while the little dogs are crated upstairs. I don't. But whatever.

She's been allowed free range of the house, along with, who I think is the real culprit, Sunkist the cat. So when we are gone for a length of time, upon returning home, we have found: vegetable oil, panko, soy sauce, a jar of relish, muffins, rice, etc. taken into the TV room. It is not fun cleaning some of this stuff up (the jar of relish was not opened; even dogs have a hard time unscrewing that top). We decided we wanted to see how these two were conspiring...

Interactive pizzas was great. Sam had set out a great spread for us to each create our own individual pizzas: leeks, goat cheese, homemade mozzarella, fresh from her garden arugula (my very favorite), spinach, fresh from her garden yellow tomatoes, pancetta, pepperoni, mushrooms, fresh made tomato sauce, bacon bits (real, not from a cardboard box), and other stuff. I couldn't stop eating the fixins' before the pizzas were made. :)

She also made a fresh corn salad with 'raw' corn, basil, cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette. That was also great to snack on before the meal, while sipping my sangria (which she makes really well too).

The kids made their pizzas first and went back downstairs to enjoy Footloose. I would later learn that this movie was not as good as the other movie they were watching, 21 Jumpstreet, which we would stop them from watching because it would be time to leave. I would be blamed because I was the one that told them to start with Footloose...the PG13 movie. Jumpstreet being R but being the better, funnier one. But *I* was trying to be the good parent...

I can't remember the number of permutations of pizzas we made with the toppings but every single one of them were so good. I discovered that I really love leeks too and will be adding that to my repertoire of, not only pizza ingredients, but to my cooking. We had a great time, as always, and almost forgot to look at the bathroom.

In the end, I was fat and happy. The girls never talked to J., the stepson. And Brenna and Sunkist decided that the camera being present was far too risky to try to steal anything from the pantry.

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  1. Having overdue books stresses you out... you and I are such opposites!! I throw myself a big party if/when I actually get books turned in on time. It is such a rare event. I just consider all my fees to be my way of supporting the library and helping them buy new books. That's how I justify it, anyway. If there weren't those of us out here with all the overdue book fines, you wouldn't have all those great books to read! :)