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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SPoD - Hump Day

I thought, after last night, that today would go a little better, which means, for me, less hectic. I thought: MiMi could skip her morning practice, I could sleep in, still get to work early enough to get a good parking spot. I'm taking training this week: one day class yesterday, and two day hands on course today and tomorrow - so the parking is tough.

So, not only get a nice spot, but come in, enjoy a little peace and quiet, catch up on email, get prime choice of where to sit in the training room, mingle with my gal pals, get breakfast, and settle in before class starts at 9AM.

Instead, I roll into the shower about 7:40ish, hit the road about 8:30 to get Tim to his truck in the neighborhood where we had our swim meet, which is where we left his truck last night. Our house is 20 minutes (with traffic) from work, so I'm going about 10 minutes out of the way, which now means I lose all the bullet points I outlined above, parked in timbuktu, with no breakfast, no peace and quiet, no prime choice of seat and roll into class at 9:10.

It was my lucky day as they only did introductions so I didn't miss anything as I tend to get a little panicky about introducing myself anyway.

Class goes well until I realize the instructor is volunteering people to answer questions in front of the class. I already know that I will respectfully refuse. But we dismiss for lunch and I'm saved for a moment. Returning from lunch, I am chosen and I decline. There is peer pressure but I don't give in and I may look like a douche but at least I am comfortable knowing that I don't have to go in front of the classroom.

MiMi's afternoon practice is at 5:30. Class ends at 5. If you know anything about my brain, this kind of stuff brings much anxiety to me. What time do I leave to get her to practice on time? Any sensible person would leave early enough to make it less stressful. Me? I ruminate and ruminate and ruminate: do I leave at 4? Is that enough time? Or too much time? What about 4:30? How long will it take to get home? I get there at 5? Then go to the pool. That should do it. Ooo...maybe I should leave at 4:45 then. But how will the instructor feel that I left 15 minutes before the end of class? What will I miss? Will it be important and I will miss important stuff for tomorrow's class?

That is just a _snippet_ of what my fucking brain goes through. Every. Minute. Over every minor thing. This is my life. It never ends for me. It is amazing to me that my blood pressure is not sky high, I am so intense about every thing.

My BFF asks if I can drop her off to pick up her car, which is on the way home so that actually helps me decide: yup, we are leaving at 4:30, which gives us plenty of time. But of course, we talk a lot and spend a bit more time talking in the spare time I had to get things in order at home. So before I leave the dealership, I text CJ to make sure MiMi is ready so I can just do a drive-by and get her and we can be on our way.

So we barely get to the pool on time but we do. But my other stress level is picking up dinner items to go with the focaccia I bought at work because I know tonight is the only night I can make dinner. Tomorrow night, CJ and I are planning to play sand volleyball.

But Tim comes to my rescue and not only picks up the ingredients to finish off our dinner, he also makes dinner for everyone: the picky eater, the vegetarian and us. He was the short order cook for all of us. He could sense my anxiety, frustration, and tiredness and took over and man, I really needed that tonight. You can tell by the blurry picture I took of the girls eating their dinner. :)

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