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Sunday, June 17, 2012

SPoD - Father's Day

It got really chilly in that tent. I discovered that blankets that keep me nice and warm in my bed don't necessarily work as well without a sealy mattress underneath me. Guess that's why sleeping bags were developed and work so well for folks who camp on the side of Mt. Everest.

I could hear a neighboring camper snoring in the night while I sat up reading my book. I could also hear the sounds of I40 nearby; that's how 'quiet' it got. I heard Tim get up and leave. I knew it was early. I wasn't sure how early. He didn't come back for a long time. I figured he must have gone back home to take care of the dogs and cat.

When I did sleep, I slept great. I just don't know how long those little snaps lasted. When I finally roused myself up, I was greeted by the geese roaming around in the adjacent softball field. And just another beautiful, sunny, crisp day. We North Carolinians are just pretty lucky today.

I greeted Tim with a kiss and a Happy Father's Day, well, at the second go round, since I wasn't awake enough to remember to say it the first time. MiMi got up shortly after and joined us.

The girls then presented Tim with their 'gifts' from the day before: the crown, cards and apron.

Just as we were the first to arrive and get the tent up, we were the first to get our tent packed and loaded. We were ready to get back home about 8AM and headed back to the picnic shelter to tell Leigh goodbye when she called the girls over.  Apparently, there was to be a 'dad' ceremony where the kids would present the crown and the cape (aka apron) to their dads, and state one thing they liked about them.  When the neighboring camper's kid was up, I wanted to say "the way dad snores" but I resisted.

There was yet another activity after the dad ceremony: kickball. But we bailed on that one. We were ready to get home. We gave Leigh our best and I gave my big hug goodbye, even though, most likely, I'll see her tomorrow or sometime next week. She just did an amazing job with this thing and a hug can't even give the message as to how much I appreciate it.

The rest of the day was a lounge around day. I finished my book. Slept. A lot. The girls disappeared into their room. Tim napped. We finished Horrible Bosses. Watched Sherlock Holmes Part Two. Supernatural.

Dinner was steak with some green beans that my friend Elizabeth gave me from her friend's farm. She managed to have extra that she gave to a whole bunch of us. I decided to recreate the grilled green beans that Leigh made for us last night but I added some garlic to the bunch. Oh my. They were yum-yum-yummy. I have now discovered a new way to make me some fresh green beans.



  1. I am really impressed with your pictures every day, wow. How are you doing this? Processing photos and uploading them to a place where i can link to them from my website is just a huge job, and often is a barrier to me having pictures in my posts. Do you have any tricks of the trade you can impart? :)

  2. Well, now that you are catching up, you will soon find that I am now about a week. I will probably do one post with a week's summary since I still have a picture a day queued up. Actually, I might have to break it out because one of those days includes CJ's birthday, so I'll have to devote a post to that...maybe.

    It's not that streamlined for me either. I plug in my iPhone, import to iPhoto, then export the pictures I want, THEN I have to upload the pictures into the post and place them where I want. But I'm dreadfully patient when it comes to those type of details so it doesn't completely pain me to do that. :)