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Thursday, June 14, 2012

SPoD - Eat My Sand

CJ and I have been wanting to play some sand volleyball together for some time. We wanted to play in a women's doubles tournament but, unfortunately, there are virtually no women's leagues in the area. There are plenty of coed and more than enough men's leagues but women only teams? Forget it.

 But I decided to check out a few months ago and found a group that does a few recreational games a night for fun. We had to wait until school was out since most of them were during the week and finally, we were able to find time to finally do one...TONIGHT.

And actually, I ended up having _two_ options: one in Cary, where Tim and I used to play in a sand volleyball league several years ago; the other being a lot closer to our house. I decided to go closer to the house.

The host greeted us right away. I felt very comfortable with our volleyball partners. CJ and I immediately started practicing and I asked MiMi to please take some pictures, so I could get them posted within my Summer Pictures of the Day (SPoD) post.

We started with doubles and we split it up with CJ playing with our host, Erwin and me with Bill. It's easier to go coed because, sadly the truth (at least with my playing ability), guys can cover a lot more court. I know CJ wasn't comfortable with that because she hasn't played any volleyball with a guy, let alone strangers.

Over time, two more people joined us: Sarah and Ray. CJ would find herself enjoying Ray's personality. He was quite a character. I enjoyed playing with everyone. Sarah looked like a volleyball player: tall, lean, blond - quite stunning, actually. And so, so nice. Ray  was the coach: he would tell everyone how to improve. It sounds bad but it was actually nice. I liked it and I saw CJ at the end smile a few times, so I was glad to see that because I could see she wasn't offended either.

Ray would say to her "Come on girl! Come on girl!" I found it quite endearing.

While we played, MiMi took pictures, which I am sharing here but apparently she enjoyed a few self-portraits too:
We switched up players a lot so I think this was a great way for her to get used to playing with a whole bunch of different types of people.  We played well over an hour and a half. I was pretty tired and I truly could go on and on but I knew MiMi and CJ were probably ready to go. Plus, my neck issues are rearing up again and I really needed to find my way back to resting it.

I hope to make this a regular summer occurrence. It was a great workout and most of all, great fun. CJ doesn't talk much during the game but once we got in the car, she seemed pretty happy about the whole thing.

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