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Sunday, June 10, 2012


I heard about this incident in the ladies locker room as I was getting ready to head back to the office. The TV is set to one channel and I seem to be there when The Doctors, The Price is Right, some sappy soap opera or the ladies with Sara Gilbert and Sharon Osborne sit around and talk. This day, it was the latter. And they opened it with a tale about a woman live tweeting a married actor hitting on someone and whether that was right or wrong.

Holy crap! I thought. *I* would do that! Thinking that the story was: someone was eavesobserving the incident taking place around them. OMG. I would *so* do that and was trying to listen to why people would think that was wrong. [insert long pause and look of anticipation with a smile, hoping someone would agree with me :)]

The reality is that this would NOT happen to me because the real story is that the live tweeting happened from the woman who was getting hit on by a married man who happens to be married. So that wouldn't be enough but he happens to be an actor (whether famous to you or not; I hadn't heard of him) *and*, worst of all, has a 5 year old child.

The gist of it is that, as they both ended up on a red-eye flight out of LA, he started up a conversation with her, a beautiful model who happens to also be a comedian of sorts, and immediately, she is turned off by his corny, self-centeredness when she notices his wedding ring and asks about it and he says 'i just wear the ring because i like it'. So yeah, I would be insulted to think that someone would think I would buy into that. But you know, it must've worked on someone in the past...

So back to The View 2, the discussion, before I had to go back to work, was: should she have live tweeted this whole thing? She just advertised to the world a semi-famous, mediocre actor's private life and perhaps, ruined it.  One thing to keep in mind is, she didn't know he was a semi-famous actor when she started this thing. One of her followers figured it out and tweeted his bio. It all sort of came together during the live tweets.

Personally, this is the kind of stuff that can happen is the day and age. It sucks that this happened but you know, that dude shouldn't have been such an asshole. So maybe this is a great way to filter out assholes.

Let me just end the suspense and let you read the whole thing. This is the best recap I've read of it all.


  1. Catching up on old posts. I don't think there is anything wrong with what she did. Most of the time, your live tweets of anything like this would be completely anonymous, right? Bad luck for him that someone figured out who he was.

    This is assuming that her account is mostly accurate. It's probably not cool if she made anything up, then she very well might have hurt his career or family life. An upstanding person should correct anything she exaggerated in that case.

    I have to wonder how she is tweeting this and he isn't noticing. I have an image of her on her computer or ipad (it must be one of those flights where they have wifi; it can't be her phone b/c phones aren't ever allowed ever) and she must be on, (and he can't see it?) but regardless, she's got to be holding some kind of electronic device and playing with it, and he's just chatting her up and name-dropping? Dude, can't you take a hint?

  2. Exactly my thoughts regarding your last paragraph. I truly can see her typing away and he engrossed with his own self-absorption, thinking nothing about the fact that she is probably only paying half attention to him. If you read the account in the link, it seems somewhat true, or not entirely outrageous, because you can see how the twitter responders respond...and how excited she gets when the one response posts: is this him, with a link to his profile.