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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

The other day, as I was at the pool again, taking another picture of another activity, relishing summer, I decided that my goal would be to post at least a picture a day of these activities. Today, I'll post all the pictures from the past few days but from this day on, it'll be a pic (or more) a day.

I'm glad to share these things with whoever likes to read and see these. But I do like to reflect back on my posts and see what I posted several years ago. Especially my rants or the things that I did, the kids did, or the family did. Essentially, I have my diary online. What I need to do real soon is print the early years into a book - a journal - to save for me and the kids to read later on.

If you follow me on facebook or twitter, most of these pictures will look familiar.

BTW, I know that the real first day of summer is June 20th. But MY first day of summer is when school's out.

Friday, June 8th
We had tickets through my work to see the Durham Bulls. We were seated with most of the people I knew that I work out with, which was great. Especially as I stuffed a spicy sausage, topped with onions and mustard, and a bunch of french fries into my mouth (not all at once). Hey, that's why I work out!

Saturday, June 9th
MiMi had team photos at 10AM so we were up and headed to the pool early enough when MiMi is still usually in her pajamas. I could sense some parents were still half asleep when the guy in front of me looked dumbfounded when he was handed a form to fill out and he just stared back. "You _do_ want to order pictures, don't you?" He seemed to snap out of it and, in a zombie-like automatic-robotic move, he proceeded to the table and filled the form out.

Tim did some yard work

and I did some container plants,

on top of some herbs I planted.

He put together a little fire pit for us

and the girls enjoyed some smores in the early evening.

Sunday, June 10th
Today we headed out to Brier Creek to meet an old friend of mine, Renee. She and Tim have a business deal, which had her come into Raleigh from Montreal but we were able to catch up on some work changes as she still works for the same company I work for. After that, the girls and I hit Lowes Foods for their list of food for the week (and my dinner supplies). They apparently had a ball. But before they terrorized Lowes Foods, we felt like we were in some post-apocalyptic time warp. Most aisles were EMPTY. And if you know the USA and their grocery aisles, they are a mile long filled with overwhelmingly TOO MUCH unhealthy food. It's insane how much food we have but in this particular Lowe's Foods, there was nothing. And let me tell you, this Lowes Foods (and I don't happen to be a frequent Lowes Foods shopper), location SUCKS. NEVER will I go here again. Of course, they are under remodel so that is one reason but even just now, CJ said "make note never to go to this store again".

But WHILE we were there, we captured one empty aisle (the next one, and the one after that looked like this one) and MiMi showing off her planking skills:

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