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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Basement

The girls are always making movies. I try to upload as many as I can to our youtube channel but I can't keep up. They are usually just little things that they just put together. So last weekend, they were, yet again, putting another movie together. This one seemed to be more 'structured', meaning, they would "shush" us as we were coming and going inside the house, as though it was a closed set.

That evening, they wanted us to watch their movie trailer. We were like, um, OK, thinking it was just another one of their movie things that they've always done. Imagine our surprise when we saw this:


  1. HOLY CRAP! That is AMAZING! Can I hire them to edit all my videos???? WOW! You have some serious movie producers/directors/editors on your hands!

  2. I'm burying my basement this day!

  3. @Ann - Um, yeah. That's exactly how we reacted. We were so, like, whatever with the nagging they were doing about having us watch it. Then we saw this and our mouths dropped onto the computer keyboard. Now I'm feeding them ideas to just keep them doing these all summer long.

    @grandma - your grandkids didn't have a hard time picking a subject. They've been scared of the basement forever. It's hard for me to _give_ them subjects because I'm just reminding them of all the other things that they're scared of: the man in the attic, the woods, etc.

  4. There are pontianaks down there.

  5. OMG James. I'm so glad my kids don't read my blog. You would have just terrified the shit out of them. They are still scared of the "tik tik" stories they heard when they were in the Philippines - the monsters that stick their long tongues to eat the babies from pregnant women. We tell them: there are no monsters. It doesn't matter. We're like "YOU'RE. NOT. PREGNANT" And it doesn't matter. We tell them: it's only a monster in the philippines. DOESN'T MATTER! And now? You want to tell them that there are pontianaks in their basement??? OMG. I hope I don't get too tipsy and decide to reveal that bit of information to them... :)