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Saturday, May 26, 2012


No, this isn't a post against the reflubicans, christian-hypocrites, or right-chicken-wingers.

This is, in fact, a very fluffy post about the ABC TV show. The first season is now over and I urge you to enjoy the reruns this summer (I'm sure they will show them). I can't think of a better program to watch as a summer show.

To me, this show is just like a summer novel: trashy, cheesy, intriguing, unrealistic, fantasy, soap operery. Something to 'calgon-take-me-away'. But it's not cheesy-bad. It's cheesy-good.

The premise is that a young lady, Emily Thorne, comes to the Hamptons and buys a home next door to the wealthy and powerful Grayson's. The Grayson's pretty much 'control' the Hamptons. Emily Thorne is beautiful and mysterious and also, very wealthy. She's too good to be true. What makes Emily Thorne spectacular, to the viewers of the show, is that she is, in fact, Amanda Clarke, a previous resident of the Hamptons.  As a young girl, she lived (in the very house she purchased) with her father David Clarke, who was then wrongfully taken away from her and imprisoned, then eventually murdered while in the Grayson's

Emily/Amanda has come back to the Hamptons to seek her revenge on every person who has wronged her father and each episode, we see that plan come to fruition. She is wily, smart, conniving, almost sociopathic, which makes the show even more fun to watch because we see the brooding acting style of the very beautiful, girl-next-door look of Emily VanCamp, who has a lot of bad ass in her as Emily/Amanda.

Along with Emily VanCamp is the ever stoic douchebag acting style of Madeline Stowe, who plays the matriarch of the Grayson family, Victoria Grayson. She is perfect in that role and gets plenty of air time for us to hate her. Madeline Stowe, at age 53, looks pretty freaking amazing. I'm sure she's had some work done but not enough to make her look like the rest of Hollywood where she looks freakish.

The only person at the Hamptons that knows who Emily really is, is Nolan Ross, an ally of Emily's father, who promised to watch out for Amanda. Nolan is a great ally, as he is a software genius and a multi-millionaire. Despite his continued protests of Emily's antics, he helps plant cameras, programs, and all sorts of unrealistic devices to help Emily's vengeful tactics. It's all such sordid fun!

The season ender was perfect - the writers continued to do what they do best with this show. It's no Homeland but it's not that bad either. It's just something fun to watch, especially for the summer. So, grab a glass of wine (or some hot cocoa for those under 21), and put your feet up, and take your mind off for an hour, and just sit back and enjoy some revenge.

How can you not enjoy something that uses the infinity symbol as its "g"?

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