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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gay Pride

With bad there can come some good and that has been, in some weird way, what has happened as a result of Amendment One's passing. The nation has been slapped in the face. We see that ignorance is not bliss. That we cannot sit idle. Isolationism is not good. And that we, as a nation, can do something about it. At least, I hope that is the case.

Obama comes out and supports gay marriage. I hope that CJ's prediction, upon hearing this, will not come true. Her reaction? "I guess we'll have a new president in January." My fear of that is also there. After all, Amendment One passed with an astounding 61% of the vote. And NC was the 30th state in our nation to pass a similar marriage amendment. That's a serious number of ignorant people that will be voting for our next president.

And Romney. Man, he really had a chance to make a huge difference in history. And he blew it. But there's no surprise: he is (has been) against gay marriage; he's a republican; and it's the political move to make, now that Amendment One passed overwhelmingly and Obama came out with the biggest balls in recent presidential history by standing. My only hope is that christians hate mormons more than they hate gays. I guess it can be a tie? I don't know how all that fares on the priority list of their hate list.

But as one of my friends posted on Facebook, their are many that are coming out: the facebook page for was full of negative comments to their question "What's on your NC bucket list?" I wish I had taken some screenshots because the FB page is now 'sayonara!' because, apparently, they ended up with over 1500 comments about 'never coming to NC' after the amendment was passed. Here is at least one news article about it.

You know (all five of you that read this blog) how much I love Jon Stewart, so the day after the amendment passed, I thoroughly enjoyed his bit on his take on it: 

And then this past Saturday's SNL skit, with Will Ferrell and Ana Gasteyer (who is now on one of our favorite shows, Suburgatory), had them come back as The Culp's, the cheesy couple that play music at weddings, and for this skit, at an LGBT prom. Oh yeah. Wouldn't that be grand? Of course, again, in my little paradise of the Triangle, it is OK to go to the prom as a gay couple. My friend's lesbian daughter is going to her 8th grade dance with her BFF lesbian friend. It's those little places across ignorant America that have no chance.

CJ has been telling me how she and her two friends have bonded over the Amendment issue. I'm so proud to hear it. I told her that there is word/work about a march in June to protest the amendment. I plan to get more involved; help her become more active. I care too deeply for my friends, strangers, who are losing their rights. Reading this novel about Nazi Germany, and how people just didn't do anything - for whatever reason...but mainly, fear -- and for far different reasons than what we have now -- there is no Hitler, no SS, so what the fuck is stopping people who believe in humanity from getting out and being even more proactive? We won't get killed or imprisoned for it, for god's sake! But I just can't be another person putting a bumper sticker on my car and hoping for change.

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  1. I saw that Stewart clip this morning. That man is amazing.

    Unfortunately, my reaction was pretty similar to CJ's. And it definitely is okay to go to prom as a gay couple at my school, at least- two of my friends openly went together, and won awards in our circle for best dresses (homemade), and "most artful humping," as opposed to almost everyone else's...less artful form. They were there, they were together, they didn't care what anyone else thought, and I respected them so much for that.