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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Amendment One Throw Down

So by now, we all know that the amendment has passed. I had already heard the news from my last post, when Ann mentioned in her comment that the polls were showing that the Amendment was going to pass. I didn't want to believe her so I went out and did my own research and, sure enough, she had the facts right.

Further research showed that people just didn't understand the amendment. And that became the great advantage for the conservative, Christian right: people thought they were voting against gay marriage, and/or banning it. I truly believe that many folks went into those voting booths and voted against their own domestic relationships, not knowing that this amendment affected all domestic partnerships, not just gay ones. Well, my only satisfaction will be 'the jokes on you for not doing your homework and you reap what you sow'.

But it's sad.

Another friend posted this article, who was the same author of the myths about Amendment One, and this line broke my heart:
5:26 AM: I slept for about 3 hours. Cried a bit, fell asleep, woke up congested, wishing I could roll the clock back to 2010 and stop the turnover of our legislature to the GOP. That’s where the nightmare began on a host of issues here in NC.
It made me think about all the other people out here, who cried themselves to sleep. How this must have felt to them. I'm reading In the Garden of Beasts and it's about the rise of Hitler in 1933 Berlin and the ripping away of rights from the Jewish people. I couldn't help but think of how this was similar, how deplorable and dehumanizing it is.

And yet, if it _had_ passed, perhaps the religious rights folks would have been angry enough to cry. But that's it. They would cry, be mad, stamp their feet. But life goes on for them. There is no change in their lives. Nothing would have affected them other than their ignorant and unethical and immoral values would remain stuck in their heads. But they could go on and be unaffected by everything else covered by our state constitution.

And here we are. Tears from a woman who had a wife and now has to figure out what her future will be in our state. Fortunately, we are not Nazi Germany, nor an anti-Semitic society. We _have_ progressed and there is a backlash and our own President had the FUCKING BALLS to come out and make a brave stand and declare his belief that marriage should be legal. That's a huge risk. (As soon as CJ heard that, she joked "Guess he's not getting re-elected". It's really not that funny because it could come true after his statement.)

So the funny side to this story is the backlash *I* got from someone who, apparently, is pro-Amendment. I think.

In email messages via Facebook, his defense for his comments is that he is affected because he has a family member who is gay. Yet he hisses at me because I am not worthy enough to defend Amendment One. That apparently, I should have been fighting for this when I was 14 years old and now, too little, too late.

I read a post on his FB and I noticed that he appeared to be sick of the status updates from his own FB circle, I assume, pertaining to Amendment One.

Forget the Amendment One issue for a moment...nothing irritates me more than people who start complaining about people posting Facebook status updates. Seriously. The amount of shit that gets posted on FB, including yours truly, and you want to post about how sick you are of something? You know what I hate? Posts about football, March Madness, sports trades, etc. But I love tennis updates! Do you? Probably not. But you know what, if you do, then I bet you'll Like my post and possibly write something. THAT IS WHAT FB IS ALL ABOUT. Not pointing fingers at people and acting like your post is something better than theirs. I don't knock my football loving friends when it's game time. That's their thing and I skip right over until I find something that stands out. THAT IS JUST GOOD FACEBOOK CITIZENSHIP.

So today, I started my day with a warning: I am going to pepper my page with my liberal point of view, especially about the Amendment One issue because I am one pissed off North Carolinian. My friend decided to treat me to an "education" and tell me that I shouldn't be hatin' on NC because 30 other states have already passed a similar amendment.


Next few lines was an attack on me about not doing anything about this before today and only waiting until, I assume he means yesterday?, to do something about it (or maybe today?) and treating this as a "Not in my backyard" issue, citing VA and AZ as two states that this amendment passed.

WTF??? What the fuck am I going to do in AZ and VA? (Yes, I said WTF twice). I've lived in NC since 1989 and except for my first Presidential election in 1988, my entire voting history has been in this state.

Reading his previous post, I was confused: is he pissed that we (his FB circle) can't stop venting about Amendment One and he wants to see, oh I don't know, who might get voted off Dancing with the Stars tonight? Or is he pissed that we are 'hatin' on NC'  What does that truly mean anyway? Can I hate the state I live in? I can but I don't. I love Raleigh (we voted against it, BTW). It's pretty hard for me to _hate_ anything. If my friend knew me well enough, he'd know that. I dislike vehemently many things but hate, I draw the line. It's semantics but I know what I mean in my head.

Is he pissed off at _me_ personally? What did I do?

I was pissed. I made a snide comment on his own status since he so proudly stated how he 'pointed out to  some people about how NC was the 31st state to try to pass the stupid Amendment'. As if the rest of the state was clueless. I cannot stand anyone that thinks so highly of their intellect based on their own assumption.

And the first time in the history of my friendships with anyone, I got an apology, an explanation that did not match anything that I read from his previous comments, then a retraction to the apology after reading my status updates!!!

I have heard of people losing friends from similar political situations but NOT FROM SOMEONE SUPPOSEDLY BEING ON THE SAME SIDE. This is the most bizarre experience ever. Well. Not _ever_. But at least today.


  1. I woke up this morning determined to calculus the hell out of my AP exam out of spite. Maybe I can't stop the amendment from being passed, but at least I can...get college credit? The logic made sense in my head.

    But the past 24 hours have been such a jumble of anger and disappointment and far more math than anyone should have to think about at once that I can't really formulate coherent thoughts at the moment. :)

  2. I'm not glad to hear it but I'm glad to hear it (if that makes any sense). My 13 year old said she was glad not to have ridden the bus home because she wasn't going to be able to deal with her one friend who was FOR the amendment.

    I read a post from one of Cerina's friends that said, if only the young people could have voted, it would not have passed. I like to think that's true because you are our future. Sure, we still have those who have been indoctrinated by their ignorant parents but perhaps that ignorance will be the minority now.

    I still remember how I felt the day after Dubya was re-elected. It was the most somber day and I just felt that rest of the world (nation) was so wrong and how jaded I was to believe that their was hope. And I remember clearly hearing, on 88.1, Imagine by A Perfect Circle come on the radio and how perfectly suited that song was for the day after that election.

    I can only imagine that must be how you felt today.