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Monday, May 28, 2012

21st Century Hippie

I like to think of myself as the new era hippie.

My maxi-dresses are the peace-love frocks from the woodstock crowd.

My minivan is the equivalent of the 60s beetle van.

And instead of the peace stickers, I've got my own expressions that I love peppering my back window with.

I previously reported what expressions I had on my car before. But I like to change them out and, with these stickers, they didn't last very long. There *is* a quality in making stickers. 

These stickers have been awesome and are sure to last a good while, which is good and bad. Good because I won't have to replace them anytime soon. Bad because, well, I won't have to replace them anytime soon. I have a few waiting in the queue in case these wouldn't last. But they'll just have to wait.

So here's what I have, have had for the past couple years. First, my take on those stick figure families.
I managed to stumble across these, which covers our entire brood, including Brenna (the dog), Sunkist (the cat), and the twins, Ricky and Lucy.

Next up is just a silly one that I love because it's 'agnostic', almost like me:

This sticker is really a tiny one and is probably hard to see from the road. At the end of this post, you'll see my entire back window so you can see how these appear in my back window. This one is in the upper left-hand side. I've had it forEVER...bought it at the beach several years ago and it's managed to survive, even though the original color has faded away. And yes, this one is 100% me, through-and-through.

I love being optimistic. Really. I am one of the most optimistic people you'll meet. Most people like to bring me the 'glass half full, gloom and doom' side of life. So here's my take, which technically, is still optimistic. You know, 'seize the day' because tomorrow you could be dead kind of thing...

I really hate people who tailgate me. I don't like speeders much either but if you want to speed, stay away from me. I don't speed. Really. Not even five milers over the speed limit. I set my cruise control (if it's not hilly or below 35 mph) and I go. If you speed in a school zone or in my neighborhood, I get really irate. Somewhere in the depths of my blog is a posting about when I went ballistic in my neighborhood. Or maybe I imagined myself posting it. It's not the first time; hopefully it's the last. But I did post about the drive to work and getting tailgated. I still do (get tailgated) but not as bad anymore. I don't think it has anything to do with the sticker but I feel a little better with this on.

Another one of my funny ones.

Here are my political ones. For some reason, some people didn't get this one. I love it, even if the tea party is sort of defunct.

Yeah, May 8th is over and the Amendement has passed but it still shows where I stand. I'm not taking it off.

This one is actually not a sticker but a magnet and my latest acquisition. My favorite of the bunch. My last magnet was stolen so I hope this one doesn't get taken away from me. 

Of course, those close to me know how I feel about the Brad Cooper case. If you don't, then read this. I have a sanctuary of like-minded people who also believe in finding justice for Brad, which is where I got my magnet. You can find out more on the community facebook page: Free Brad Cooper, or, which has great, detailed information about the trial. Really educate yourselves about this case. My friend Lynne, who supports the facebook page and the justiceforbrad site, will be discussing Brad's case this Wednesday, May 30th, at 6PM on

Now on to sports stickers: this one is NOT mine. I hate the pool. This is for my swimmer girl MiMi. Swim team starts up - I'm excited for her. She's also excited about the summer olympics and seeing Michael Phelps. We have to watch the commercial everytime (on the DVR). I love it.

This one is for CJ, my volleyball girl. I'm hoping that she and I will be able to get some beach volleyball in this summer. Can you believe how hard it is to find an adult women's league? Doubles? That's just TWO girls? Well, four girls, since you need two teams to play. Once school is out, we will do some of the meet up events. Too difficult right now as most of them are during the weeknight, late-r, in Cary.

This one is for me. My girls bought it for me. Truthfully, I'm not big on the mileage stickers although I did want, at one time, to have a 3.1 sticker just to be funny. After doing the Magnificent Mile a few years ago, my friend Marty sent me an email where he drew up a 1.0 sticker and I thought that was funny and I would've loved to have that as a sticker. Most people wouldn't "get it" but the stickers are for me. 

But yeah, 13.1 miles. That's my favorite distance to race. It's been awhile. I'll be looking for one soon. Soon being maybe next year. :)

So it may look like a lot of stickers but overall, this is what it looks like :

Not bad, eh?

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