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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Protein Bars

I recently read about, then signed up, for Pinterest. That's where I've been hanging out. Well, I haven't been hanging out anywhere lately except at "work", which is fine. I'm not upset about it.

While creating my new boards on pinterest, I found this recipe for Clean Eating Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Protein Bars. They looked, and sounded, delish. I decided to give them a try.

Let me say: EASY PEASY. They were NOTHING to put together. Well, nothing is not exactly right. They were nothing but easy to put together but they were quite sticky and messy. The recipe, at one point, said to use your hands. I recommend not to, as everything sticks to your hands. Water helps: wet your hands (if you intend to use your hands) before mixing the ingredients). But I would use a rubber spatula, which I ended up using after I was able to get most of the ingredients off my hands.

This is probably my very first "clean eating" food I've ever made. It's an acquired taste, to say the least. They LOOK amazing and delicious but they taste like something you would find from a green, earth-loving place, which is where I bought all the ingredients, except the chocolate chips. They didn't happen to have 'grain sweetened chocolate chips' that day. But everything else: agave, no sugar peanut butter (has to be refrigerated after opening), whey protein powder and chia seeds, were easily located at Harmony Farms Natural Foods.

Tim and MiMi were very excited to give these delightful bars a try. MiMi finished hers and even took one to school the next day. She is so sweet. But has since not eaten one again. Neither has Tim. I, on the other hand, have actually acquired a taste for them. I like them and would definitely make them again. The ingredients offer a lot of fiber and protein, which is what drew me to the recipe. I'm on a healthy eating kick (which is working for me) and I found that agave is quite yummy (and quite expensive).

And chia seeds are high in fiber, and also contain protein, but also are quite expensive. Seems healthy eating can get expensive when you veer off common fruits and veggies but it was fun to give these a try and I still have plenty of ingredients to make more.

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