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Sunday, March 18, 2012

More to Enlighten Your Eating Habits

I'm not done giving you more "food for thought".

Some more information I wasn't able to fill in with my last post.

More on cows.

You all know how badly our cows are mistreated, right? So when you buy your beef, you really should be buying grass-fed beef. Most of our beef comes from corn fed cows. And cows naturally eat grass, not corn. But because corn can come by easily, especially from the evil empire Monsanto, it can fatten up cows like no other, in crammed spaces, so cows are force fed corn to fatten them up, so they can get lots of beef to give to "us" consumers, to pile up in our big fat American grocery stores (that sentence was long on purpose).

And people who care, who have relatively small acreage of farms, for their cows to roam freely, to eat grass, and then (well, unfortunately for vegetarians) DO slaughter them for beef eaters, well, they are few and far between. Because of the deluge of mass corn-fed-cow-producing 'farmer's, so grass-fed beef is much, much more expensive. But hey, you know it is actually healthier to be a part-time vegetarian, so maybe eat less beef and spend more money supporting the healthier option (kill two birds with one stone where the healthier optionS are: healthier beef *and* eating less beef)...

Now I sound preachy but just throwing the idea out there...

...because it's really sad. Imagine someone forcing YOU to eat food you weren't naturally inclined to eat every day of your life? Of course, it's an animal and perhaps cows don't have feelings like humans but I do have feelings and the idea of an animal eating something they aren't naturally inclined to eat everyday of their life is cruel, whether they feel it or not. And I can't support that.

And the fact that the evil empire of Monsanto gains from that makes it immoral.

But on top of that, our own government (in the U.S.) does something, well, actually, nothing to support the health of YOUR children. My children are not affected because my youngest is a vegetarian, so she doesn't eat meat at school and the other is very picky. And despite NOT being a vegetarian and being less healthy, her pickiness, in this case, saves her from eating bad school food because she brings her own lunch to school.

But basically, pink slime food is being served to your children at school. What is it? It's the throw away pieces of the cow that butchers don't use but apparently, the USDA and FDA has allowed it into our food sources by washing it, grinding it, treating it with ammonia to kill the bacteria, then mixing it with ground beef, so that it can now be _labeled_ as ground beef, and then selling / serving it as ground beef.

And despite the controversy, and most fast food places removing this type of ground beef from it's menus, our schools will have the option to continue serving it to our children. See this article for more information.

Jamie Oliver did a great demonstration of pink slime.

And the other pink slime that fucked me up because I ate this shit and my children ate this shit. Supposedly, McDonald's does not make their nuggets like this anymore. But others may...

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