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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Evil Empire

I can't believe I haven't mentioned 'Monsanto' before in my blog postings (I just did a search). I've been keeping up with them for a couple of years now, ever since I first heard about them after watching Food, Inc.

In fact, early in 2011, Monsanto was rated as the #1 most unethical company IN THE WORLD. I didn't know there was a category for that but there is. And it's given out, apparently yearly since 2005, by the Swiss research company Covalence that has qualitative and quantitative data in place to evaluate this. You can go to their website and figure it out for yourself. I don't need their data to get the gist of it.

One small task you can do on your own is to google "Monsanto evil" and see the number of articles you'll see, from so many various sources.


Because they greedy. And they control every piece of food you eat. Almost literally. They have patents on genetically engineered seeds for corn and soybeans. These seeds are resistant to Roundup, yes, the herbicide. And, BTW, they also make Roundup.

But they spray that shit anyway, to kill weeds but it doesn't kill the seed so it grows corn and soybeans and such. And that seed makes a whole lot of processed food. The article below that I am summarizing from states that 93% of our soybeans in the US (not the world) comes from genetically engineered (GE) soybeans. 86% from corn. And if you didn't already know this, that doesn't mean only corn- or soy-like food. Every single thing in a box, cannister, maybe even in a can, is derived from a corn kernel or soybean. It gets grounded up, processed with a lot of shit, then mixed up, then ta-da! You have a cracker. Or a potato chip. Or cereal in rice flavor, wheat flavor, or marshmallow flavor. Everything you eat that is not grown in your backyard, from the farmer's market, or labeled 100% organic comes from that GE seed.

If you think I'm exaggerating, I may be, but it would be by a very small percentage point.

The other evil genius things that Monsanto does, besides owning all of our processed food, is putting our real farmers out of business. Now, Monsanto claims they are not and I am going to put their rebuttal here so they won't sue me for slander. But according to _some_ accounts: there are those who claim that, farmers who use Monsanto GE seeds whose farm's are next to farmers who _don't_ use GE seeds...well, the wind blows, and then the GE seeds happen to blow into the non-GE farmer's fields and then voila! Suddenly, the non-GE farmer has GE seeds and well, Monsanto doesn't quite take to kindly to non-GE farmers *stealing* their patented seeds. And it's easy to prove that those are, indeed, their seeds. So they sue the non-GE farmers for patent-infringement. Supposedly they DO know that the farmer, in fact, did NOT steal the seeds, that it was really Mother Nature. And they also know that the non-GE farmer is not likely to have the funds to fight against the corporate behemoth Monsanto, so what happens is that either a deal is struck with the non-GE farmer, or the non-GE farmer runs out of money with legal fees and loses his farm, then Monsanto buys his land and now, they have more land to plant their seeds.

In this article that I pinned yesterday, I learned that Roundup is killing our soil. It is sapping the micro-nutrients out of the ground and thus, the plants that do grow are no longer absorbing these essential nutrients for human health.

On top of that, the plants grown in this soil absorb glyphosate, which is the herbicide in Roundup. It cannot be washed off. It has literally become a part of the plant so that we now ingest it, as part of the plant.

Do you understand why they are so evil? So unethical? They want to make money. They want to own all food. And at the expense of ruining the ecosystem. Let alone ruining the small town farmer!

What can you do, that's if you care to do anything? Stop buying GE / GMO (genetically modified organisms) / GM (genentically modified food. In the article, there is a link to this, a Non-GMO Shopping Guide.

I've been doing this for about two months now. Not fervently anti-GE but I will now.

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