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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week in Review

I had a great week returning to my routines. With the trip to the Philippines, and just a busy year with the kids and work, I just haven't put an effort to starting my workouts. But I'm back in full force.

It helps, of course, to work at a place that helps motivate. I am signed up for two programs that keeps me focused: Extreme Fitness Challenge and Healthy Starts.

Extreme Fitness is a group fitness challenge where we are given weekly fitness tasks. This week our challenge was to jump rope 150 minutes (as a group) and bike 50 miles (again, as a group). Biking is not my forte but I don't hate it. Jump roping was once a childhood pastime but apparently with age, has become a greater challenge than I ever imagined.

But I managed to put in my allotted 10 miles of biking and 30 minutes of jump-roping. And despite my complaints with the jump-rope, I have enjoyed the end result. I feel it in my arms, my abs, and my calves. Those calves feel it every day. And let's not forget the breath. I did my last five minutes yesterday, at home, in the basement. When I came upstairs, MiMi asked me what I was doing down there. I said 'just jump-roping'. "Oh." She said, a little bewildered. I realized I was breathing heavily and probably, why she was confused. "Are you alright?" She asked? "Yes. At 43, jump-roping is not as easy as it is at 8."

Healthy Starts is a separate program that helps motivate eating healthy, as well as exercise. Combining these two has allowed my first week to come together with a successful first week of healthy eating with daily workouts (except for Friday).

Monday I managed to hit a yoga class. It was the same instructor who saw me all smug with lipstick smeared across my face. I wondered if she remembered me. Tuesday was a quick run on a gorgeous day. By quick I mean the route, not me. I'm not worried. I loved it. I find it amazing that I can run any mileage at all, after being on a hiatus, without stopping. It's like my body doesn't forget.

Wednesday I decided that I needed to get those bike miles in and spent it on a bike machine. Gawd that sucked. Those miles just trickled by like running on a dreadmill. I pedaled those miles away playing WWF and HWF but, what I thought would take about 15 minutes ended up passing along longer.

Thursday was another quick (see definition above) run and thankfully, I ran the same route faster than Tuesday. You can see it was yet another gorgeous day. How lucky was I?

All of these workouts included five minutes of jump roping at the end. If you are an active jump roper then, good for you. If not, then don't judge: five minutes is fucking HARD jump roping. And it's hard to find a good spot...OK. Maybe it's just hard for me to find a good spot.

I found a great spot: right in front of Janel's office. Janel is one of our great fitness coordinators who happens to be responsible for the Extreme Fitness Challenge. I actually didn't purposely pick the front of her office. I picked a spot behind a building because, if I jumped around the side of the building, I had many folks greet or chat with me while I jumped. And in a span of five minutes, it was too much for me and it broke my concentration. But apparently, I managed to find _that_ spot that I thought was tucked away but happened to be her I could jump rope in front of her. I may make that a habit from now on...

Friday was a planned trip to the Contemporary Art Museum, plus a lunch at The Pit. No workout. No healthy eating. But I had a nice time with my co-workers and I learned a lot about what the museum holds.

So let's hope week two goes as great as week one. I have more programs coming up that will help keep me going (I hope). Next week I start Yoga OMmersion, which will be a pretty intensive yoga class.

I'll still be jump roping too.

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