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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Another movie on my list of movies to watch, I reserved this for the weekend from redbox, especially when I read over and over about Christopher Plummer's well-deserved Oscar nominated role in it.

*** Spoiler Alert***
And yes, he is very good in this. A very subdued good, which makes it all the more worthy. Subdued may not be the right word. Effortless. Christopher Plummer plays a man who comes out gay, at 75, to his son, after 44 years of marriage, when his wife dies.

We don't come into the movie when his wife dies. We come into the movie when he dies and his son, played solidly by Ewan McGregor (as usual), is packing up all his things and reflects on his life with his parents (a little bit), the last four years with his dad as a gay man (a lot), and his own sadness about how to deal with his own life (a lot more).

Despite the big names (Plummer and McGregor), this is a true Indie flick. It's sad, poignant, and funny. There's no Hollywood pomp and circumstance. There's no golden message, no dramatic monologue and no happy ending. Well, maybe it's not a true indie flick as there's no sad ending either. It just ends with no ending. So I take it back. It is a true indie flick.

Ewan McGregor is one of those actors that just can do anything. I think he should stick to these types of movies though. Kind of like Johnny Depp, who picks those odd roles. If he would have stayed away from the Pirates of the Caribbean...but like Trainspotting, those quirky, creepy roles. This one was really good. Romantic but troubled and sad, so it made him almost on the desperate, lonely, weird side of the tracks.

The guy that stole the show though was Arthur, played by Cosmo. Cosmo is a Jack Russell terrier that was uh-MAZ-ing in this movie. He "talked". At least to Ewan McGregor. You, the movie watcher, don't quite know if McGregor is truly insane, or if it's just the quirk of the indie movie but whatever, whatever. It worked.

It's a great movie.  I can think of no other word better to describe it than "subdued".

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