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Monday, February 27, 2012

Bad Kitty Meets the Baby by Nick Bruel

This book was all I had after I dumped Blood, Bones and Butter. I wasted my GOTR gift card on this book.

I thought I'd give the Huffington Post Book Club a go and this was the choice for February. I made it to almost 150. Maybe closer to 200. I don't know. It was slow going. And it was boring. And it was pointless. I couldn't stand it. Me and non-fiction just don't get along.

Fortunately, MiMi had this book sitting around and recommended it to me. And since I missed my opportunity Thursday to pick up my next book at the library - and the library was closed Friday and we were in, um, Climax, NC for an all-day *volleyball* tournament - I had no other book to read over the weekend.

Bad Kitty are a series of books from Nick Bruel. I've seen these around the house so I know my girls have read a few of these before. This would be my first.

*** Spoiler Alert ***
I have to say I wasn't overly impressed initially. The cat isn't really cute. He messes up the couch (so does mine). He doesn't do anything interesting.

The book starts with how great life is at this house with people that we never see but hear (well, read their talk bubbles). He sleeps on the couch he destroys. He eats. And he destroys stuff. Life is great.

Then they bring home a dog which scares the crap out of him. And licks the crap out of him. He gets used to him.

Then Uncle Murray babysits Puppy and Bad Kitty and that is a weird twist because that whole story line has Uncle Murray calling the fire department every day to get the cat out of the tree, then the puppy, then him, then the refrigerator. ???

Plus Uncle Murray looks like something out of a Beavis and Butthead episode. And he curses!! In a children's book! Well, he curses like "What the #$%# is that noise?" Okay, I can't remember an exact quote since I turned the book in but it's something like that. And it was more than once. I couldn't believe it and I'm pretty apathetic when it comes to cursing around my kids. And when I say I couldn't believe it, I mean it a good way. I didn't want to burn the book.

Anyway, finally, when the unseen owners came back, they came back with a baby. A toddler really. And despite this toddler being a big girl, she was kinda cute and made me feel all 'mommy' inside.

Well the cat didn't like her, of course. And for another weird reason, the invisible family brought the neighborhood cats over, who doted over the baby girl. And then the cat olympics started and the baby girl won over the reigning cat champs. I don't know what happened. Maybe Bruel was sick and took too much Nyquil when he started writing this part.

But near the end, the invisible family told the cat that the baby girl was adopted, just like Puppy and Kitty and that they will give her a home, and love her, like they did for Puppy and Kitty. and from then on, Kitty became over-protective of the baby.

AWWWWWWW... Isn't that sweet?  So as psychedelic as the story-line went, it was still a wild trip of story that ended so sweetly.

And was SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than that dried out "novel" I shelved after 100+ long ass pages.  Another DNF but I have my life back.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Another movie on my list of movies to watch, I reserved this for the weekend from redbox, especially when I read over and over about Christopher Plummer's well-deserved Oscar nominated role in it.

*** Spoiler Alert***
And yes, he is very good in this. A very subdued good, which makes it all the more worthy. Subdued may not be the right word. Effortless. Christopher Plummer plays a man who comes out gay, at 75, to his son, after 44 years of marriage, when his wife dies.

We don't come into the movie when his wife dies. We come into the movie when he dies and his son, played solidly by Ewan McGregor (as usual), is packing up all his things and reflects on his life with his parents (a little bit), the last four years with his dad as a gay man (a lot), and his own sadness about how to deal with his own life (a lot more).

Despite the big names (Plummer and McGregor), this is a true Indie flick. It's sad, poignant, and funny. There's no Hollywood pomp and circumstance. There's no golden message, no dramatic monologue and no happy ending. Well, maybe it's not a true indie flick as there's no sad ending either. It just ends with no ending. So I take it back. It is a true indie flick.

Ewan McGregor is one of those actors that just can do anything. I think he should stick to these types of movies though. Kind of like Johnny Depp, who picks those odd roles. If he would have stayed away from the Pirates of the Caribbean...but like Trainspotting, those quirky, creepy roles. This one was really good. Romantic but troubled and sad, so it made him almost on the desperate, lonely, weird side of the tracks.

The guy that stole the show though was Arthur, played by Cosmo. Cosmo is a Jack Russell terrier that was uh-MAZ-ing in this movie. He "talked". At least to Ewan McGregor. You, the movie watcher, don't quite know if McGregor is truly insane, or if it's just the quirk of the indie movie but whatever, whatever. It worked.

It's a great movie.  I can think of no other word better to describe it than "subdued".

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Idiot and the Douche-bag

Rick Santorum, more and more, is coming out of the closet. Not as gay but as the biggest, fucking idiot out there. I thought Dubya was bad but nooooo. Santorum has managed to top him.

The book I just read, When She Woke, reminds me of what a world would be like under Rick Santorum.Well, the "world" being the U.S. I still can't imagine we have that many idiots in the states but, you know, my little world is small and while I may be fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded people, maybe the rest of this country is as dim-witted as Santorum and I'll be forced to live under a religiously-mandated society, much like Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan...those evil Muslim nations that Christian conservatives consider as extremists. Such hypocrisy. And they will never, ever, ever see themselves that way.

Here's pulling for Romney. And I'm voting for Obama.

I love this clip on Jon Stewart. I mean, I don't love it. I inflamed me. But I love how Stewart and his staff pokes fun at the idiocy of Santorum and his stupidity.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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And then the other fuckwad that had airtime, but wasn't running for president, thank GOD (hey, there's one for the man), was Liz Trotta, who decided to say this about women in the military:

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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There's always one woman out there. One woman who has to say: I can't have a woman for president, or woman shouldn't work anyway, or women's place is in the home, blah blah blah. Always at least one douche-bag that has to take 1000 steps back for all women and *I'm* not even a feminist. Well, maybe a little.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week in Review

I had a great week returning to my routines. With the trip to the Philippines, and just a busy year with the kids and work, I just haven't put an effort to starting my workouts. But I'm back in full force.

It helps, of course, to work at a place that helps motivate. I am signed up for two programs that keeps me focused: Extreme Fitness Challenge and Healthy Starts.

Extreme Fitness is a group fitness challenge where we are given weekly fitness tasks. This week our challenge was to jump rope 150 minutes (as a group) and bike 50 miles (again, as a group). Biking is not my forte but I don't hate it. Jump roping was once a childhood pastime but apparently with age, has become a greater challenge than I ever imagined.

But I managed to put in my allotted 10 miles of biking and 30 minutes of jump-roping. And despite my complaints with the jump-rope, I have enjoyed the end result. I feel it in my arms, my abs, and my calves. Those calves feel it every day. And let's not forget the breath. I did my last five minutes yesterday, at home, in the basement. When I came upstairs, MiMi asked me what I was doing down there. I said 'just jump-roping'. "Oh." She said, a little bewildered. I realized I was breathing heavily and probably, why she was confused. "Are you alright?" She asked? "Yes. At 43, jump-roping is not as easy as it is at 8."

Healthy Starts is a separate program that helps motivate eating healthy, as well as exercise. Combining these two has allowed my first week to come together with a successful first week of healthy eating with daily workouts (except for Friday).

Monday I managed to hit a yoga class. It was the same instructor who saw me all smug with lipstick smeared across my face. I wondered if she remembered me. Tuesday was a quick run on a gorgeous day. By quick I mean the route, not me. I'm not worried. I loved it. I find it amazing that I can run any mileage at all, after being on a hiatus, without stopping. It's like my body doesn't forget.

Wednesday I decided that I needed to get those bike miles in and spent it on a bike machine. Gawd that sucked. Those miles just trickled by like running on a dreadmill. I pedaled those miles away playing WWF and HWF but, what I thought would take about 15 minutes ended up passing along longer.

Thursday was another quick (see definition above) run and thankfully, I ran the same route faster than Tuesday. You can see it was yet another gorgeous day. How lucky was I?

All of these workouts included five minutes of jump roping at the end. If you are an active jump roper then, good for you. If not, then don't judge: five minutes is fucking HARD jump roping. And it's hard to find a good spot...OK. Maybe it's just hard for me to find a good spot.

I found a great spot: right in front of Janel's office. Janel is one of our great fitness coordinators who happens to be responsible for the Extreme Fitness Challenge. I actually didn't purposely pick the front of her office. I picked a spot behind a building because, if I jumped around the side of the building, I had many folks greet or chat with me while I jumped. And in a span of five minutes, it was too much for me and it broke my concentration. But apparently, I managed to find _that_ spot that I thought was tucked away but happened to be her I could jump rope in front of her. I may make that a habit from now on...

Friday was a planned trip to the Contemporary Art Museum, plus a lunch at The Pit. No workout. No healthy eating. But I had a nice time with my co-workers and I learned a lot about what the museum holds.

So let's hope week two goes as great as week one. I have more programs coming up that will help keep me going (I hope). Next week I start Yoga OMmersion, which will be a pretty intensive yoga class.

I'll still be jump roping too.

When She Woke by Hillary Jordan

I decided to read this one when I read about the review on the Book-A-Day blog that the Wake County library provides. Unfortunately for me, their review was a better read than the novel itself.

Why did I break my rule of finishing a book that I generally don't enjoy? It was a short book: 341 pages. And I was curious to see how it would end. It ended as cheesy as I didn't envision.

When I first started reading it, I almost tasted a little of The Hunger Games. I thought: Hey, is there another great author out there? Bringing me another great Katniss character? But the more I read it, the more the answer became clear...Ummm, NO.

The story is about a future society -- but how far into the future doesn't seem clear, which makes it more over-the-top for me because it doesn't seem to be _that_ much into the future.  This future becomes a radically conservative religiously governmental society (think President Rick Santorum). Roe vs. Wade has been overturned and abortion has been outlawed, replaced with Sanctity of Life Laws. But there are still the underground movements and when Hannah Payne discovers she is pregnant, she finds a way to have an abortion.

But right after the procedure, a suspicious neighbor calls the police and she is arrested and charged with murder. And with this future society comes a new method of penalizing: chroming. Chroming is the changing of the skin color, so that people will know you were convicted of a crime. You will be permanently colorized for the duration of your conviction. Sound familiar? Scarlet letter anyone?

Criminals are color-coded based on their crimes: lighter crimes are yellow, molesters and rapists are blue (and rarely make it very long in society), and murderers are red. So Hannah Payne wakes up red and will be red for 16 years.

What made this over the top for me was: the father of her baby was the top reverend of her church, a married man. Not so unbelievable in reality, of course, but just a little too stereotypical. And Jordan wrote the relationship as the most unbelievable love story: his undeniable love for her that could not ever be...because of his position in the church and his marriage.

And also over the top was that all of society was this extreme right wing conservative belief. How can this be the future? How do we go from what we are today to everyone believing that the bible is the only way? That all people would be pro-life and have hatred for anyone who would believe otherwise? It was just too far-fetched to buy into.

I expected, based on the review, this book to delve more into society judging people by their skin color when skin color was 'planted' vs. being born that way. Sort of the "you-can't-tell-if-i-am-black-or-white-or-brown-because-i-am-red" thing but none of that is addressed here at all. Instead, if you are red, yellow or blue, you are an outcast. Period.

And then there is an underground society that does try to help Hannah but it's so underground that if anyone knows about it, you are killed. It's just so extreme!

Hannah is also a wallflower and then becomes an adulteress, then refuses to confess the father of her child, or her abortionist, which adds to her sentence for the murder of her fetus.

When she is sent to a 'halfway house', which is basically another extreme religious house where therapy involves speaking to your aborted baby about how sorry you are for killing it, she rebels against the 'caregivers' there. This girl who obeyed her parents, God, and everyone around her for her entire life, suddenly stands up to everyone, while she still thinks about God and wonders who He is (I capitalize because Jordan does the same in the book).

It's wishy-washy in the book. Is God good? Is He there? Or not? I don't know what Jordan's point is. I don't think there has to be a point. It can just be a story but it seems like she is trying to say something. And that something is mildly irritating to me because she isn't making it clear.

But along the way, Hannah has a lesbian encounter but still loves the father of her baby. Seriously? How many more political movements can you put into 341 pages? The answer is not many because, in the end, you end up with a crappy book.

Jordan has a flair for using a lot of "big" words (like purlieu) too. I kept looking them up on my favorite dictionary app (Merriam-Webster - free, but I paid for my version because I love it so much). As many of you know, I am a logophile, which is a _lover_ of words, not generally a person who actually knows and uses big words). And I don't generally mind reading books where they scatter big (when I say big, I mean unusual) words in their text, but Jordan liked to litter her pages with these words. I found it otiose and highfalutin. :)

Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Artist

This was another one on my list of movies to watch. And with it's recent accolades and amazing ten academy award nominations, I thought it would be a great time to see it.

Tim and MiMi had a Daddy-Daughter dance for Friday so I thought CJ might be convinced to give this silent, indie, foreign movie a try. I asked her if she'd be interested, especially since it was at the Rialto, a theater she has been wanting to try. And with her recent turn to being, not only an indie music lover, but indie MOVIE lover (see The Descendants), I thought she might be willing. And she was. I asked if her equally indie-minded friend Delaney would want to join us and she said yes, especially since Delaney was coming over for a sleepover. Perfect.

I briefly entertained taking them to Hayes Barton Cafe & Dessertry for dinner...mainly appetizers, since we were going to pig out on popcorn. But, despite their coolness, they are still teens and CJ is still not into the art of appreciating food. Although she would appreciate the buckhead filet mignon, I decided I would save that for a date with me *and* her dad, since that would be cheating him out of a fantastic meal too.

Instead, we stopped next door at The Point at Glenwood. I was not really looking forward to eating here as we had eaten here years before. But, it was just apps and it's right next door and it's just can't be that bad, right?

And it wasn't. I guess this place changed hands since the last time we were here because the place was pretty lively with families. It wasn't this worn out, college hang out that it was last time we were here. The menu was decent. We didn't try too much off the map: nachos and the special of the night, fried oysters. You think fried oysters would be difficult to ruin but you're wrong. There can be a lot of fried and no oyster. But not these little suckers. They were plump and juicy. I was in heaven. The accompanying marinara sauce was not welcomed but I generally don't dip my fried stuff in anything. These oysters can come broiled and I will definitely try that next time.

We set off for the theater and got our popcorn and soda. I loved when we entered because the ooohs and ahhhs that the girls breathed when they walked in just put a big smile on my face. I remember how I felt when I walked in to this theater too. It feels like a throwback to the days of The Shining for me. Eerie and grand.

***Spoiler Alerts***

The movie itself was not something I was dying to see. It was mainly out of curiosity and probably being at the Rialto gave it the edge. But man, what a great movie! As I was watching it, I thought, I bet the girls are bored. After all, it is a silent movie. And when I say silent, I mean - it's a movie made to be from 20s and 30s, during the end of the silent movie era and the emergence of talkies. There are random word takes to show what is being said but these are very far and few between the scenes. The rest is that you just get the gist of it from the performances. It's quite amazing, that an entire movie is played out in a way that the audience can get it without a single utterance.

Jean Dujardin plays the biggest silent actor of them all, Georg Valentin. He looks like Clark Gable, or maybe even Valentino. He's a heartthrob and he plays the roles as the stereotypical silent movie start that we may all imagine. He loves himself but has a playful humbleness with his fans. He bumps into the magnificent and most beautiful Peppy Miller, played brilliantly by Bérénice Bejo (see, I told you it's a foreign film :)). She ends up playing a bit part with Valentin in his next movie and, from that point on, is in love with him.

But Valentin is a married man and appears to be faithful, even if in an unhappy union. Years pass and talkies emerge but Valentin refuses to conform to the new era of movie-making, believing his stardom is too powerful. But it isn't and his world collapses while Peppy Miller becomes the most popular movie star ever.

But she follows him throughout his demise. And buys out all his items, as he auctions off his wares as he becomes more destitute. But when he almost dies in an apartment fire, she runs to his side in the hospital and takes him to her house to convalesce and eventually, brings him back to the movies. It's the very last few lines of the movie that we hear John Goodman's character, yes, that John Goodman, say "Cut! Perfect. Beautiful. Could you give me one more?" To which Valentin responds in an extremely strong French accent "With pleasure."


And as I walked out, CJ and Delaney were like "I really liked it!" They both went on about parts of the movie they liked the best. Also concluding that, the end would not end like it did due to the fact that it was an indie flick and they speculated some sort of horrific end to it would happen. But CJ would continue to say 'this is why I like indie movies' and it made me so happy to hear her say that.

I couldn't have asked for a better situation: a great parking spot (right by the theater), a great restaurant spot (right by the theater), a great theater (duh. Rialto), a great movie, and great company.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

This is Fun

My brain never stops. I remember, years ago, seeing a counselor about something, and I mentioned how I count everything, like my steps and he laughed. A counselor LAUGHED at me. And I wasn't even offended. I took it as a compliment. So did he when he received his payment from my insurance company.

I was a good big girl and got up early, as I have since January 10th, and after breakfast, coffee, and lolling around, I made it out for a run  -- all by 8:30.

It was a great morning for a run even with an overcast. In my aging process, I have gotten less cold and, with what used to be a freezing 41 degrees, I ran in just a long-sleeve wick shirt and capri running pants. Wow. Who is this person?

I tuned on to Pandora, one of the greatest inventions that iPhone has provided to smartphones. It was my first time running without Keith and the Girl and while I haven't dropped the podcast, it was a great variation to listen to music I don't already own.

Last weekend, I ran counter-clockwise at Lake Lynn, which is, to me, the easier route. Today I felt bold and cocky and went for the clockwise route. I'm glad I did because the feeling of bold and cocky got me through my run without a hitch. It was great.

On top of that, I decided to do some counting. My favorite thing to do and, on many occasions, I do while I run. So today's stats were:
I passed 67 people. Eight of those 67 were going in the same direction as me (all walkers). I passed 12 dogs, although some of those belonged to both groups that went in either direction. I recognized five people as duplicates and did not included them in the 67...but that doesn't mean that the 67 I did count weren't dupes. I just recognized only five as people I noticed before. Only one person passed me (a runner) and he was not included in my 67 since, technically, I did not pass him.

It was not easy keeping up with these numbers. When I finished my run, I had to quickly type these into my iPhone so I wouldn't forget. But I kept count while I ran. The first half, I was REALLY cocky about how eeeeaaassssy it was keeping count with all of these numbers. That's why I kept raising the bar: let me include the dogs, let me include the people going in the same direction, etc. But about half way, I passed people with dogs going in the same direction, and two groups with and without dogs going the opposite way and I almost panicked. BUT that just made it more like: HA, try to figure THIS one out. And I got it.

Yeah. I'm weird. But so what. I don't care. It's fun for me. And while I am exercising my body, I'm exercising my brain.

While all of this is going on, I'm also listening to my Arcade Fire station on Pandora. Here are the songs that I listened to during my run:
Half Light II (No Celebration) by Arcade Fire
Silver Coin by Angus and Julia Stone
Two Weeks (Radio Mix) by Grizzly Bear
Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Second by Starfucker (wow. what a band name)
Modern Man by Arcade Fire
VCR by The Xx
Mad World by Gary Jules (Only song I recognized in this whole list)
No One's Gonna Love You by Band of Horses
The Winner Is from Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack (wonderful movie; might have to watch this again)
Old Flame by Arcade Fire
Fences by Phoenix (loved this song)
Perpetuum Mobile by Penguin Cafe Orchestra (oh, I have heard this before...maybe in a commercial?)

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Pain in the Neck

As my regular readers know (thank you all five of you), I have had chronic neck issues for a good, long time. I've seen many doctors, and had many tests ran, over the years to determine what might be the cause of the oddities that come with it: severe head and neck pain -- as though I had the ultra-tight ponytail and someone was constantly pulling it, little stroke symptoms, extreme shoulder pain, the list goes on and on.

I decided to try again and see a new doctor for my symptoms. I had an MRI of my neck done in December and an EMG in November. I had my follow-up to my MRI Monday morning. The MRI shows - my notes:
C3-C5 - moderate degenerative disk disease
C6 - moderate-to-really-bad disk disease
Osteosmothing - bone spurs
bulging disk

Monday morning, I saw a doctor that deals with pain management and rehabilitation for my diagnosis. The good news is that this is not an extraordinarily unusual c-spine diagnosis. She said there are people with similar bone disorders as me that do not have any pain. The bad news is that I am a tad on the young side to have this amount of bone disorder; not rare but not that common either (which is the definition of rare but, well, hopefully you know what I'm trying to say what the doctor was trying to say).

At first meeting, I really like this doctor. She cuts to the point, is matter-of-fact, and seems to know her shit. I really like that in a doctor..."know their shit". She prescribed two medications for me: one was a medication used a lot for epileptic seizures (???) but also severe migraines, as I've noticed on message boards. Don't YOU go straight to the web to find out all the gossip about your prescriptions once you get them? :)

The other is a muscle relaxant. The other muscle relaxant prescribed to me previously did not work so we'll give this a try...only on a when-i-need-it basis. I don't usually have extreme, intolerable pain except once a month, so this one should last me a good while.

The seizure medicine, however, has some side effects worth mentioning: appetite suppression, fatigue, memory loss, change in tastes. All of these I have been suffering for the past two weeks, since our return from the Philippines. I am glad I did not take these right away or I would be blaming the medication. So for anyone who doubts me from an extended suffering of jet lag, the fact that I don't want to drink my wine, or watch any of my DVR'd shows, should be TELLING enough that I am suffering from some anomaly.

The other thing that the doctor recommended was a cortisone shot *in my neck*, to find out if the neck issues are causing, what she is theorizing, are migraines (see this post to recap what my symptoms are). The theory is: reduce any swelling in the neck, which causes all those big-medical-words-that-i-can't-remember to send signals all across my body to react in the most abnormal way. If I feel better with the reduction, then it's the neck that is causing my problems. This has been Tim's theory all along. Mine has been that I have some deadly disease with no cure.

Cortisone shot, ay? No problem. I don't mind shots. I certainly don't mind needles (see my tattoo and ear piercing). Tim got cortisone shots often in the past. And he's a big baby when it comes to pain so no problem.

The shot was done on a special day, Wednesdays (yesterday) because an x-ray machine had to be used in order for her to know where to stick the needle. COOL. I was digging this. I show up and then I'm taking to the back, but the back looks very much like a pre-op room. OK. They may do other things here but *I'm* here for something more simplistic.

The nurse then takes my vitals...hmm...OK. They do this at every doctor's visit. No biggie. Then she tells me to take everything off from the waist up and put on the fancy gown that opens in the back. WTF. I'm just here for a shot. Well, OK. Guess they need to get to the neck area and don't want to muck up my blouse.

Finally, the assistant takes me back and I see my doctor's friendly face. I am reminded about how much I really do like her. She tells me what she's going to do: I'll lie down with an xray over me, then a lidocaine shot to numb me (what?!?), then some ink stuff goes in so it help determine better where to guide the needle to shoot me up with the cortisone.

I'm still not at all scared. I've been through so many tests that I am 'numb' to these things. I have to lay face down, chin down. Then she says that the lidocaine shot was first and it would sting. WHOA. That fucking thing HURT like a beast. It was at that point I nearly panicked: um, I'm not cut out for this shit. I don't think that lidocaine is going to numb me much for the next shot and I'm done. I was trying to figure out how I could back out of this.  But when they asked how I was doing, I said "Great!" Geez. What is wrong with me?

Next, the doc said I was going to feel some pressure (on my neck, Tim, on my neck) and that I felt with increasing anxiety. What are they doing now??? I can't see! I can't see! I did my yoga, meditative breathing to keep me in check, SANE. And then she said I was going to feel a burning sensation...again, WHAT THE HELL? MORE PAIN? And burning sensation I felt...all throughout my upper half of my body. And then I was done.

I started to get up and the assistant was like 'wait, let me wipe off the blood'. What? Blood? There's blood? Oh. Must be a trickle from the needle.

But she kept wiping. Like all along the width of my shoulders. She must just be sterilizing me now.

Then I sat up on the bed and I misunderstood her, when she said, I will get you a chair. I thought I was going to have to sit in this room so I asked if I could get my stuff, because I wanted to read my book while I sat in the chair. She and the doctor looked at me like I was a freak. The doctor, with her soothing way, said that they didn't want me to walk just yet...and then the chair came in, which was a rolling chair. Ah...she was going to roll me back to my stuff. I told them "I didn't realize it would be this formal."

But before she wheeled me back, she said she had to wipe some more blood off of me. I could feel a warm trickle rolling down my back. She wiped it up...again, longer than I thought and she walked to the trash and I could see the 2x2 square of gauze bright red with my blood. Holy shit, I thought to myself.

She rolled me back and then I had to sit for a good several minutes before they released me. Apparently, I was supposed to have a driver but no one told me so I had to wait a little longer than usual. But I thought I would be fine...and I was. I made it to MiMi and home and VB practice and Taco Bell but man, I was in pain.

The morning after, I am much better. A good night's rest seemed to do the trick. Let's hope the rest of the day follows suit.

Until next time...