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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


 Jet lag, with a major time gaps shift (13 hours), is a bitch. It's not so bad when you are on vacation but back in the real world, with work and school, it sucks. 

Monday we all had the day off. We got up about 3AM.  Wide awake. I caught up on some tv shows that I missed while we were out. Tim set out to get essentials at the grocery store so about 8AM I told MiMi that I was going up to take a nap. That nap lasted six hours and at 2:30, I forcibly got myself out of bed. 

CJ actually didn't get up until an hour later and she was the only one that did not get up with us at 3AM. 

Tuesday was back to school and work. This time, Tim and I got up at 2:30AM. This, after being wide awake in bed, hoping to fall back to sleep. MiMi was up but I made her stay in bed. 

Work was fine. I went through email, ate a lot and didn't feel tired until I left to pick MiMi up. I was playing angry birds in the car, waiting for her, and nodded off several times while throwing birds at those darn pigs. When we got home, Tim was pulling up, with CJ in tow. She had stayed after school to catch up on her work. I told him "I have to take a nap. I can't even see straight." He agreed and made us vow to take only an hour nap. I set the alarm and we conked out. I woke at 6PM, which ended up being two hours after we laid down. We slept through the alarm. 

We tend to wake up in a confused state. Tim was like "WHERE ARE THE GIRLS?!" I was thinking, what is with his drama? Where else would they be? "downstairs" I replied. 

As I walked down the stairs, I heard nothing. And if you have 8 year olds and dogs, that is never good. I entered the living room and there were my two kids, laid out and out of it. The dogs having destroyed something as they noticed their freedom. 

Today Tim and I woke at 3ish. Tim got out of bed while I tried to lull myself back to sleep, to no avail. It's getting better...I think. Tonight is volleyball practice - Cj's first in two weeks, still recovering from her own time change adjustment. Hopefully it won't be too bad for her, my little worry-wart. 

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