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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Philippines: Day Three

Day three had my mom's side of the family, The Ramos', host a small celebration for us. All of my aunties, uncles, and most of my cousins, were on hand to eat *a lot* of food.

Tim started his morning early, with my cousin Jhun. Jhun owns a bike shop here, and does a lot of bike racing. He invited Tim for a "leisurely" ride, which Tim was ready to jump at a chance to do. He warned Jhun that he hasn't really trained for anything so he didn't want to slow him and his comrades down. 'Don't's just a leisure ride'.

The leisure ride was a three hour trek through villages, to the top of a mountain, then back down, through volcanic ash, and across a river bed. At the end of the trek, Tim managed to flip and fall off his bike. He told me when he looked up, he saw what he thought was a big caribou looking straight down at him.

He was back in time to enjoy the small fiesta that was held at the terrace of the apartment we are staying at. The first thing that showed up was the lechon. The steam was just coming off this little piggy. It's been a really long time since I've seen one of these so I was a little taken aback, especially when they made room for the little roasted tail to stick up from the packaging. MiMi immediately ran off; I was worried that this would be traumatic for her but she dealt with it just fine.
CJ was a little freaked out by it but that did not stop her from eating it. At one point, as the dishes were laid out, filled with each type of food, she found one dish and asked "Is this the pig?" so she could dig in for more.

There was plenty of food: menudo - which is pork, carrots, potatoes and liver (top left pot). There was something called 'tropical chicken' which was a casserole-looking dish with, of course, chicken, corn, and some creamy sauce (it's wrapped in foil in the picture to the left). There was another pork dish with stuff in it that I don't remember and then there were greens with the intestines of the pig (the bottom pot, next to the tropical chicken dish).

That was just the beginning. More food flowed in after that: lumpia, prawns, vegetables, rice cakes, rice. So. Much. Food.
Start off with your salad

The main course
End with dessert - rice cake
And in between salad and dessert...
After all the food, it was time to rest, talk then take pictures. And pictures we took:
Sisters and brothers
Family around the food
The Whole Shebang

After awhile, family started leaving and the late afternoon brought us to a close. Tim, CJ, me, Auntie Mher and Auntie Tess walked to her house, er..., mansion and enjoyed an evening chat on her beautiful terrace.

What a wonderful family reunion - MiMi finally opened up with her cousins and, while we were at The Mansion, MiMi was being treated at Starbucks.

The pampering is too much. Not. :)

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  1. so many happy ladies and food...Tim should be sure to go on another leisure ride before coming home LOL