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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Philippines: Day Seven

Today was not pleasant for me. I woke up feeling sickly and, TMI, diarrhea. I wasn't too badly off...just Blah. But my neck pain was there, which then gave me a headache, and put that all together and I am just useless. 

I did go out early in the morning. My cousin Khim came over to announce that she was taking CJ and MiMi to the hospital where my Auntie Mher works (did I mention, she is *chief* nurse there?!) to get their ears pierced. MiMi was immediately complaining about how scared she was..."I'm shaking!". 

"You won't have to get your ears pierced. Don't worry." said I. 

"What?! But I want to get them pierced!!!!!!!!" said she. 

"OK. You can get your ears pierced."



So we piled into a Toyota and headed to the hospital. My auntie Mher tried to get MiMi to go first but she adamantly, and obnoxiously, refused so CJ went first. Basically, it's using earrings with a sharp end that just gets pushed through the lobe. No guns. Just ice to numb it. CJ's went fairly well since she had holes that had closed up, after getting infected the first time. 






MiMi's didn't go so well. She continued to whine about how she was scared it was going to hurt. They chased her around the room. Don't be fooled by the smile in the picture. Much temper tantrum throwing, kicking, pushing, screaming and then crying ensued. In the end, she did not get them pierced much to everyone's disappointment. 

My frustration, as I explained to her later, was her wishy-washy attitude. I didn't care if she got them pierced or not but she had to make the decision to either DO IT or NOT. But we wasted the time of my auntie, who was working, and their generosity of doing this for them out of their own selfless pleasure. 

The temper tantrum continues outdoorsm where she refused to get in the cat. Mean mommy attitude came to fruition as I drug her from the street and pushed her into the car with a stern command. It was an awkward silent drive to Nepo Mart, where we would pick up some new eyeglasses for CJ. 

It was hot too. One of the hottest days since we'd arrived. And I felt miserable, standing, walking around, with a temperamental 8 year old, a headache, neckache, and a tummy that was not cooperating. 

When we made it home, I apologized to everyone and said I was going to lay in the apartment. I laid all day. I slept to the throbbing rap music playing across the way. Any and all odors made me more nauseous. I knew I was out for the day, which was disheartening because my Auntie Tess was hosting a barbecue at her house. I had been looking forward to it but the idea of sitting around, or even seeing food, was making me green. 

MiMi came up with these lines: 'you know something is wrong with MiMi when...' and one point is 'she asks for water' or 'when she's not watching tv'. That was my day: you know something is wrong with me when she's not blogging. But I did manage to finish reading Pride and Prejudice. 

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