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Friday, January 13, 2012

Blue Valentine

I watched this movie, off and on, as I tried to finish up laundry and packing for our big trip. It’s been on my unofficial ‘to watch’ list since I had heard it do so well at film festivals. And of course, there’s the controversy of initially being released as an NC-17 flick.

This was a great movie, let me tell you. I had no expectations. I knew it would be decent. But the storyline is emotionally gripping. Yes. Ryan Gosling is the man of the hour but Michelle Williams blew me away.

The story starts with Ryan Gosling, who plays Dean, being awakened by his young daughter. She’s looking for her dog. He comes out to help her. Immediately, we see the bond between father and daughter and throughout the movie. Ryan Gosling really did it for me in this movie as far as his acting chops go. Yes, he's really nice to look at but other movies I've seen him in, well, he's almost like George Clooney where he's the same guy in every movie. But I was swayed >a little< bit in Crazy, Stupid, Love but Blue Valentine? He's incredible. Playing a devoted father and husband...and the pain of loss. He deserved the nominations he earned for this role.

But the show-stealer is Michelle Williams. She plays Ryan's wife, Cindy. :) The movie flashes back to when Cindy and Dean meet, to the present. The present is ugly: Cindy is unhappy in her marriage to the point of disgust. Every time Dean touches her, she turns away. But the worst part is when he tries to get intimate and the revulsion on her face is painful to know...the man who loves her dearly and she is trying to keep from throwing up when he kisses her.

But flash backwards, and we see the love and lust they had for one another. How they meet. How she looked at him with awe, adoration, a girly-girl who found her soulmate. 

It never ends for him - he loves her until the end and finally lets her go. The end scene, as he walks away, when he knows the marriage is truly over, as his daughter runs after him,'s heartbreaking. 

I can't stop thinking about this one. The rawness of showing how people meet and fall in love - where you think the passion could never the point where there is nothing left but hate and disdain by one of them. It's a sad state that I hope won't happen to me.

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